Self-Care: Checking in with yourself

Self-care isn’t about spending money on yourself, it’s about checking in with yourself. It’s about creating space in the busy moments of life and figuring out what you need. When we are able to dedicate time for introspection, we are able to be more productive and accurate in our self-care. We can come up with ways to treat ourselves that stem from our time of introspective self-discovery. Self-care for each person can look different— for one it’s a face mask and for another, it’s creating a rockin’ sleep schedule…or both! When we take the time to become more in-tune with our needs, we are able to serve ourselves better.

Questions to ask when checking in on yourself:

When I’m feeling exhausted, is it mental or physical? Is it both?

What made me feel loved today? Why?

What frustrated me today? Why?

What would I have done today if I had no restrictions? How can I incorporate the principles of those things into my life?

When do I feel the most beautiful?

What am I grateful for?

What’s the most fun thing I have done this week?

How is my breathing?

Who do I feel most free to be myself around?

Do my head and my heart feel connected?

What do I feel like I need right now?

Where can I make time for myself in my schedule every-day?

Self-Care inspired by different needs you may have:

Do something outside

Stargaze, cloud gaze, jump around in the rain, hop in the ocean, float the river, go on a walk, take a hike, watch the sunrise/sunset, open a window, pick some wildflowers, go on a bike ride.

Turn on your favorite music and dance-it-out

Alone in your room, with your friends, at a concert; feel free in your body! (We put together a Spotify Playlist of songs inspired by self-care and introspection).

Fast from technology

Even if it’s just for an hour. Disconnect so that you can reconnect. Hang-up so you can hang-out!

Put on something that makes you feel lovely

Whether it’s your favorite pieces from Pitusa, make-up, perfume, sweatpants, or even some cheeky lingerie. Choose to dress for yourself today.


Take a nap, figure out a sleep schedule that works for you (and stick to it!), sleep in, wake up early, sleep more, sleep less…do what makes you feel most rested.

Take a shower or bath

There’s something very therapeutic about washing away your day. Set the mood, use your favorite soaps, breathe.

Call a friend or family member

Sometimes connecting with someone we love helps take care of the things going on inside of our head and hearts.


Breathe, take your time, take care of your needs— and in turn, you will love even brighter. You are worth it. Happy International Self-Care Day!


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