Pitusa Swim Week (Pt 1): Behind-the-Scenes

We are still coming down from our fun-paced dream of a week, AND looking back on all of the behind-the-scenes that got us to the final runway. Our show was packed with stunning artists, brands, models, sounds, and inspiration from all over. From makeup to music, to overall vibe, we have the deets to share with you!

The backstage energy was vibrant.  Music was playing (the perfect kind of loud), makeup and hair artists were dancing with the models, selfies were being taken left-and-right, and new friendships sparking (let’s just say, lots of social media handles were exchanged). We had the pleasure of working with artists from Dior Makeup and Kevin Murphy Hair (pssst.. we have their inside tips & tricks below); not only did they execute beautiful hair and makeup looks, but they were SO much fun while doing it! The night consisted of so much more than hair, makeup, models, designers, and clothes. It was full of a colorful and kindred energy, much like the Pitusa spirit, that translated beauty into every corner of the tent!

We chatted with some of our models and they shared with us their pre-show pump-up jams. So, we put together a Spotify Playlist including those songs and music that everyone was collectively dancing to backstage. So, turn on the playlist, scroll through these behind-the-scenes shots, (maybe dance a lil’), and feel the vibe of the night!

 @camillebonnamour; @jo_phoenixx@miabellacordova (Shop Mia’s runway look here)
Here’s the lowdown, from Dior’s Marco Russi, on the makeup look:
“For this year’s Pitusa makeup look, we chose a very natural “no-makeup makeup look”.
The skin was prepared using our Dior hydra life moisturizer and we primed it with our hero product dreamskin to create a perfect canvas.
For the complexion, we used our Dior backstage foundation  “airflash,” which is an airbrushed finish foundation that gives the skin an amazing radiance with a second skin finish.
We contoured the main features of the face with a 2 tone darker foundation.
We added a little bit of glow with our Diorskin nude luminizer on the high cheekbones, temples, inner corners of the eye, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and chin.
For the eyes, we used our 5 colour quad in “797 feel.” We used the brown and bronzed colors, starting at the root of the lashes and fading it to the crease, from the darkest to the lightest.
For the lashes, we used our Dior show mascara in black, to open the eyes with just a couple of coats, to keep a natural look.
For the brows, we used our diorshow bold brow gel to keep the brows in place and give them shape.
For the lips we used another one of our backstage hero products: “lip glow” in 001 pink, which is a self-adjusting lip balm that gives a personalized glowing pink shade to the lips.
The final touch of the look was customized white tribal-inspired lines that were added to the middle of the chin, the jawline and the cheekbones on the right side of the face, using our Diorshow on stage liquid liner in 001 white.”

The artists behind the execution of the look were Marco Russi @marcorussi_ and Joy Carmen @joymakeupart with Dior Makeup Miami @diormakeupmiami

Here’s what Sarah Lund, from Kevin Murphy, is saying about the hair seen on the runway:

“The look was a wet looking style, I wanted the models to look like they just got out of the pool and they simply ran their hands back through their hair and off of their face. The look needed to be organic and natural but still have a put-together feeling. I wanted the hair to look wet without drenching the models and the clothes. That was the magic of the products used when HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY dries, the hair will hold into place and still look damp. For a finishing touch, we lightly sprayed each model on the line with water just before they walked to keep that authentic just out of the pool feeling.

Step #1:

Mist hair with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, using your fingers, blow dry hair back and away from the face.

Step #2:

Starting in the back, take horizontal sections, Lightly mist section with water, run through with hands to disperse. Next, liberally spray the section with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, smooth down with fingers.

Step #3:

Repeat on all sections as you move up the head. Make sure that sides and top all come straight back.

Step #4:

Finish with a liberal spray of SHIMMER.SHINE to keep the hair looking wet and give a high shine.


Hair Sponsor: KEVIN.MURPHY @love_kevin_murphy

Hair Director: Sarah Lund @sarah.lovekm– STYLE.MASTER at KEVIN.MURPHY

Hair Team: Deanna Machi: @msdinamack; Eric St. Jean: @ericthehairdresser; Tim McClean: @timmcclean; Wyatt Christopher: @hairbywyatt; Kashmir Asvarksh: @kashmirhair; Brittany Novotney: @brittanyatboss; Josh Halladay: @halladayhair; Christi Cox: @cjc74; Susanna Youree; Charles Stevens: @charlesstevenshair; Emily Cumings: @becomingemily; Austin Spradlin: @blonde_society; Corrine Smrz: @smrzzz; Sianne Gendron: @loveyourhair_salon


Heaps of love to everyone who was a part of our show, near and far! We are SO Looking forward to sharing more with you all next week… Meanwhile, listen to the playlists, scroll through the photos, and check out our instagram for swim week story highlights

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