Pitusa Swim Week (Pt 2): The Runway

Here at Pitusa, we are all about diving deep into our lives– about appreciating and experiencing all of the sounds, foods, people, cultures, colors, styles, and feelings. Our designs come from the purity of empowering all women to be able to fully live their lives in comfort and style. The styles seen on the runway carried that spirit, along with the music that was played (hello Spotify Playlist), and all of the people involved– near and far. We are excited to share these photos, video, fashion takeaways, and memories with you, as we believe they translate that Pitusa spirit well and say things that words might not.

 The color story was vibrant! Our classic brights popped with the whites, olives (we are currently really excited about this color!), and various light pastel and mid-tones. This helped keep the composition strong while letting each color speak its own story. We are really keen on accessorizing with bags; though our bags are traditionally artisan made, they can certainly be worn in ‘street style’ fashion and seamlessly fit-in to whatever setting that you’re in.  Versatility matters to us because we know that the everyday woman is multi-faceted, she is going places– and if we can be part of all of that through our design and brand culture, we want to.  To us, the runway girl is also the everyday girl— she is beautiful, chic, effortless, and ready-to-go for whatever life has for her and for whatever she has for life– whether she’s on a tropical island or in New York City, we are here for it.
Takeaways from the runway:
  1. Pattern/print mixing is OK: LOOK 01, 03, 27, 30
  2. Pom poms are chic and also really fun (YES, that’s an avocado pom in LOOK 24): LOOK 17, 21,  24, 32
  3. Tassels work in pretty much any setting: LOOK 01, 10, 12, 13, 22, 27
  4. Sets are still one of the greatest things invented (so many outfit possibilities): LOOK 12, 26
  5. Straw and woven bags are here to stay– the more playful the bag the better (pears, turtles, pineapples, multi-color, strawberries…I mean C’mon!!!): LOOK 4, 7, 16, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30
  6. One shoulder on top paired with a slit on the bottom creates great balance and proportion: LOOK 09, 17
  7. Ruffles can be done in a variety of ways and for every body shape (we’re really into finding the right ruffle for you): LOOK 05, 06, 07, 11, 12, 29
  8.  V-neck on a maxi is such a flattering and versatile silhouette for every type of woman: LOOK 01, 03, 18, 20, 27, 28, 32 
  9. Two-tone pieces work (especially when inspired by colors that are seen in the natural world; for example, the pineapple bag with the yellow and green dress in look 18!): LOOK 18, 23
  10. Rompers/one pieces are versatile and can go from an easy day piece to night-time look (especially LOOK 04 and 31)  with the right styling: LOOK 04, 30, 31
  11. @Pitusakids are the cutest!!
Enjoy scrolling through the looks from the night, maybe turn on the playlist from the runway, and get into that show groove. Say hello to us on social (or comment here) and DM us your favorite looks! We love hearing from you.

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