To Our Pitusa Family

To Our Pitusa Family

Dear Pitusa Fam,

It's kind of mental that from one day to the next life as we knew it, changed.

We saw it coming yet it took a while to really register our new "reality". It was as though a tsunami hit but we had seen it for weeks off in the distance.

We went from planning UK and ST TROPEZ pop-ups to making masks for doctors and providing them at cost to our Pitusa fam. It's insane how life throws these unexpected moments and we just have to, adapt.

My husband, calm and rational, was quick to adapt. Me on the other hand, adapting took some time. I went from being completely fine to TOTAL melt down. 

First week. I was in damage control with the company.

Second week. It was acceptance of the situation: “it is what it is", we will get some government money, everything will be ok. I get to spend more time with Rumi, write some poetry, have some boozy lunches.

Third week. Being a full-time mother, CEO, wife, cook, and cleaner was manageable UNTIL I got my period and then it was period + Coronavirus, which I think nearly killed me emotionally. Then apparently that pink moon threw some added chili flakes to the emotional turmoil I was already in.

Fourth week. I'm here taking it day by day. Considering getting pregnant but also can't bear the thought of getting through this without wine.   

How has it been for everyone else? Please comment below how you're feeling about how this is affecting you. We want to hear from our Pitusa fam.

Sending you all much love.

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