The air felt heavy,
Like a hurricane was looming,
Everyone at home doing a thing called “zooming”
Hotels to beaches closed up, in hiding,
With politicians our lives are riding,
The economy is in complete disarray,
But we have toilet paper “hurray”
Now we must self isolate,
The thing us humans most hate,
But things could get very bad,
That’s what we have to anticipate...

“Now it’s here, it’s here,
At your door step my dear,
Stay home, stay home,
Never mind if that means being alone.”

Why is this happening, is it a test?
Or was is sent for the world to rest?
For some eternally,
Like my grandparents paternally,
The neglect of the elderly is what I most detest,
The failure of our governments is grotesque,
We must come together and protest!!!

I heard the voices of those that died,
Yet I had not cried,
Till the tears came pouring down,
Releasing my fixed frown,
When I saw them clap for our healthcare workers,
How idle we feel just being observers,
They must be facing total disparity,
For them we sing from our balconies in solidarity.

How sad was the day,
When our children could no longer go out to play?
But how lucky we are for technology,
Hopefully it can cure this virus, this anomaly.

At night when I watch my baby sleep,
My heart will silently weep,
For all that we have lost,
What will be the final cost?
And all that we have gained,
For this time being confined,
Our priorities have aligned.
All that we took for granted?
A new appreciation for life has been planted.

It will never be the same again.
But I believe in the rainbow on the other side,
One so bright that it will unite us with pride.

Come here my sweet son,
My sunshine of a little one.
I know how this all must seem,
But one day it will all just be, one big bad dream.

Clara Lago Rashidian
For Rumi ❤

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