Spice-up your handwritten letters!

We are so keen on handwritten letters— they can be fun, personal, and thoughtful. Whether you’re wandering away this summer or takin’ it easy at home, writing letters is a great way to stay connected to new and old friends, near and far. Some letters are just a simple “thinking of you” postcard, while some contain thought-provoking words, and others are somewhere in-between. There’s room for it all, so let’s chat about it!

Tips to spice-up your letters! —

stationary. postcards. beautiful paper. repurposed magazines/newspaper.

Whatever you choose to write on— we’re all about it. Get creative, find/make something unique, or pick up a postcard from wherever you’re traveling to. Beautiful stationery is a great motivator to write a beautiful letter.

tell your pen-pal what music you’re listening to.

We made a playlist of songs that are great for that contemplative letter-writing mood. We love the idea of telling your pen-pal, at the beginning of your letter, what you’re listening to. That way, if they want, they can listen to the same songs while they read. This has a cool way of connecting you emotionally and giving a similar experience, even if you’re far apart!

add dried lavender, eucalyptus, sparkles, or confetti.

This adds surprise and nostalgia to the experience. Plus, it can smell really great.

put in your favorite page of a book, add-in a poem, or leave your favorite quote.

Some of the best letters we’ve received have included quotes that are held dear to-this-day. They also act as a great writing prompt for your pen-pal!

Some prompts to get you going—

  • What makes you feel most alive?
  • Tell about a mundane part of life that you think is beautiful
  • When was the last time you had a good laugh?
  • Describe your ideal morning
  • Start a game of “would-you-rather”
  • Attempt describing a scent or color with words
  • What songs make you dance? Why?
  • Tell about your travels or dreams of travel
Handwritten letters are thoughtful and intentional within themselves— it’ll be lovely, whatever you do. xo

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