Pitusa Girl of the Month, Victoria Baker-Harber

Pitusa Girl of the Month, Victoria Baker-Harber
Meet Victoria Baker-Harber, our February Girl of the Month! Victoria is a reality TV star, fashion enthusiast and all around badass. Jetting back and forth from London to Miami, Victoria had a chance to stop into our Flagship store and pick some of her favorite Pitusa pieces!
Victoria wearing our Santorini Dress in White
 Victoria wearing the Santorini Dress
Tell us about the time you were on reality TV.
"I was, and kind of still am, on reality TV. It all began about 8 years ago with a show called Made in Chelsea... which is still running. I’ve done a few other TV shows stemming from this. It’s definitely opened certain doors but I wouldn’t say has been life-changing. I still consider myself a private person, just with a slightly public persona. It does take you to places and out of your comfort zones though; the best part about it. Only a few months ago I was learning to become a ‘cowboy’ or ‘cowgirl’ you could say - in the depths of Arizona on a ranch."
Looking flawless in the Henrietta Dress
Victoria's best fashion advice?
"Work out what suits you and stick to it. Have good go-to staples that you know you can throw on at a moments notice that work for every occasion. And I always think it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed."
What prompted you to pick up and move to Miami and how was the transition?
"I wouldn’t say I’ve totally made the transition to Miami - but being between the two has been great. My boyfriend recently opened a gallery in the design district and we were both tired of London so to pick up and make a move seemed like a good idea. It has been the best!"
Slaying the Clara Dress
Best date night spots in Miami?
Dreams and goals for the future? 
"I would love to open a concept store here with everything from furniture, decorative things, to unknown European brands and South American brands. 
I would also love to have a beach house where I could put all of my ideas to life and make it something truly unique and special, fill it with my finds from all over the world. It would be a place my future children would go to for holidays and a place to create amazing memories."
The must-have  Santorini Dress
What advice would you give yourself as a young person? 
"Not to worry about what other people think and to go with what feels right and makes you happy."
What makes you feel most alive and free to be yourself? 
"I love being able to wake up and walk on the beach. Some people meditate, run, etc. I love being able to walk and clear my thoughts and map out my ideas in my own time."
In honor of this real fashionista, take 20% off Victoria’s featured styles and colors for the rest of February! Use code VIC20 at checkout and just be yourself!

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