Introducing Our Very Own, Vanessa Bryan

Our March Pitusa Girl of the Month is our very own, Vanessa Bryan! As a Miami native, Vanessa manages our first and only flagship store in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Florida (which is so fitting for Vanessa and her personality). Not only does she have her MBA degree and a background in international sales, she also thrives in creative settings such as styling, art direction, and fashion. Vanessa has been working with our company for the past 6 years and we couldn’t be prouder to have her featured as our muse of the month.

Vanessa has this easygoing, free-spirited personality topped with a badass “don’t mess with me” vibe. As soon as you walk into our store, you are instantly greeted by a sincere and warm-hearted smile. She makes you feel gorgeous in anything you’ve tried on, yet can be brutally honest in what looks good on you specifically. The perfect shopping partner, am I right ladies?

Vanessa has her own style that is unmatched by most. 9 times out of 10, you can find her in vintage Levi’s and t-shirts paired with some laced up Chucks or Vans — oh and you can’t forget the big hoop earrings. “On the rare occasion you find me dressed up, it’s usually something over-the-top to some degree. Think feathers, chainmail, snakeskin, or perhaps a kilt ;) Oh and denim  I am a sucker for anything and everything denim,” she says.

Anyone can get a little drained managing their time between work, social life, and some self-relaxation. Vanessa’s secret to keeping a balance? Pasta and wine with her girlfriends (we couldn’t agree more!). When she’s not working, she loves to be traveling somewhere by the ocean, which is equivalent to relaxation. Vanessa says, “I like to keep things moving and have as many new experiences as possible.”

What is something she’s learned through the years as she becomes more of her authentic self? “The only person who's opinion of me matters is my own.” She lives by never worrying too much, trusting the universe and its plan, and letting things unfold. We love Vanessa's carefree attitude, her contagious energy (and her obsession with cats). Vanessa is truly one of the most genuine people, and we love having her in our Pitusa fam!

Pitusa quiz:

Star sign?

Scorpio, clearly.

Preferred workout?

I’m obsessed with the stairmaster, and my favorite cardio is spinning – at Redbike studio in Brickell, more specifically. I also love to walk the Key Biscayne bridge with my leg weights and my best friend. It’s so serene and magical early in the morning.

Fav vacation destination?

So far? The Italian Riviera. I’m really into barely-there bikinis, golden tans, and my freckles. And I really love the accents – and pasta. I’m all about pasta.

Any morning ritual?

I love the mornings when I’m awake before most people. I usually snuggle my cat, Harvey Ruvin Clerk of Courts, and tell him how grateful I am for another morning with him. I definitely focus on gratitude – every new day is a proper gift. I’m not confused about that one bit.

Coffee, smoothie, or tea?

Coffee times ten. With Macadamia milk and honey.

Favorite charity?

I give to the ASPCA regularly. I like animals way better than humans in general, so I try to support them as much as possible. I’d love to have an animal sanctuary of my own one day.

Any guilty pleasures?

Guys with tattoos and beards. Or at least one of the two (that may or may not be in a motorcycle gang).

Favorite cocktail?

Casamigos tequila, water and fresh lime juice.

Favorite quote?

"Thoughts become things! Choose wisely."




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