What's so great about Pima?

Pitusa, meaning “funny little girl” in Spanish, started out of our CEO and founder, Clara Lago’s bedroom in 2010. Eight years later, we have a warehouse and flagship in Miami and another warehouse in Peru, which is where this all began; from the finest Peruvian Pima cotton.

Wearing our Pima Ottoman Dress 

Why Peruvian Pima?

Cotton is one of the most prized fabrics in the world. Much like the food we ingest, coffee or wine; the quality of cotton varies tremendously. Cotton is naturally comfy, long-lasting and absorbent, but Peruvian Pima cotton is the world’s finest; cherished for its incomparable softness, resilience, and luster!

Loungin' in our Pima Abaya

Made in Peru with Love

Our products are sustainably and ethically produced in Lima, Peru – manufactured under safe and fair trade working conditions in factories run by strong and hard-working women! Pima cotton grows lush along the northern coastal valleys of Peru and is harvested entirely by hand, which is better for the environment and the cotton itself.

Dressed in the Pima Mykonos Dress 

Long Live Pima Cotton!

Despite the arguments, length does matter. With any fiber, the longer and smoother the filament, the softer the product. Because of its exceptionally long staple length, Pima cotton has an unmatched softness and is extremely durable and resistant to pilling, so you can have the worlds softest dresses in your closet for years!

Pima Mykonos Romper

Pima cotton feels amazing on your skin while remaining light and breathable – perfect for lounging around the house or hitting the beach. Pima cotton can be made in a wide variety of colors, which is why Pitusa is the perfect and vibrant long-lasting staple to have in your closet! 

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