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What if we told you that there was one supplement that could help maintain a healthy weight, aid in a good night’s sleep, boost your immune system and help with depression? Magnesium is an essential mineral, and so good for health and well-being. And apparently a proper magnesium regime can really help stabilize our mental health.  It can also support our cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and can lower the risk of type-2 diabetes. The suggested daily intake for magnesium is 400mg, and our favorite company is Thorne, they’re totally trustworthy and provide high-quality supplements.

There are a million suggestions out there for the perfect diet, pill, or lifestyle that it can feel overwhelming. Often we find implementing just one thing into our diets is a good way to get started on what seems like a never-ending wellness craze. Magnesium is a mineral in the body, and we are supposed to have an abundant reserve of the damn thing, but modern life being what it is and the way our food is processed, it is difficult for us to get as much as we need. According to research, the way we used to get enough magnesium was from our tap water and wheat. But water quality world-wide has gone down and wheat is farmed in a way that it is often genetically modified and doesn’t contain the same minerals as it once did. Either taking a magnesium supplement or making sure we eat enough food containing magnesium can ease depression, headache, irritability, and insomnia. If you take a magnesium supplement before bed you can often be away with the fairies before long!

So it’s all very well and good to tell you to go out and buy a magnesium supplement – but we wanted to provide you with some easy ways to integrate it into your diet without too much effort. At Pitusa we’re all about what’s easy and what weaves in easily to a busy lifestyle.

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We’re not talking Hershey’s, unfortunately, we’re talking more the 70% of raw cacao type of chocolate or even getting some Raw Cacao and adding it to your smoothie or making some hot chocolate with it. Raw cacao has endless health benefits, and can even contribute to weight loss – it boosts the metabolism! Benefits of raw cacao include reduced stress, suppressed appetite, improved digestion, lower blood pressure, and enhanced physical and mental well-being. One small piece has 95mg – yum!


We love how easy this one is. Spinach has a whopping 24mg per cup, so all you really have to do is order a spinach salad or add some to a smoothie. Or go to one of your local juice spots and order the green juice – we love JugoFresh in Miami – and they have so many options to choose from so you’re never bored.


We love to make oatmeal in the morning and load it with nuts and seeds in order to get a good dose of magnesium in. Go for pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, almonds and Brazil nuts. We swap them in and out on any given day to keep things varied. Almonds have 100mg per quarter cup! You’re a quarter of the way there if you add it on to that spinach salad or have some by your desk for a snack mid-afternoon.


Ok, we are not condoning a nightly banana split (but we wouldn’t tell anyone if that’s how you decide to get your health on – balance, baby, balance). One banana has 32mg of the good stuff and if you add it to your morning oatmeal it’s heavenly!


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