Mother wears our Inca Sundress in Watermelon and @francesca_ngu ‘s son wears our Kids Towel Cape in White

You just found out you’re pregnant. You waited the appropriate amount of time to tell people. You told all your besties, your family and your co-workers. After the many congratulations and excitement from all sides, it comes time to start to think about preparing. And that’s when it seems that everyone and their brother (ok, maybe not their brother), has an opinion about what you should get for when the baby arrives, what you’ll need and what to do. It’s enough to drive a person up the wall! Especially when the experience of simply being pregnant can be a mix of total excitement and utter terror, sometimes all in the same day. It can have your head spinning trying to keep all of it straight. More often than not, you don’t need half the stuff people (and companies) suggest. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of great what not to buy items for new mothers (and friends buying for mothers). We find that the best bet if you’re buying for a friend, is to send them a meal delivery service – we love Nourish Baby in NYC. The new parents will honestly love you forever. Or send them a house cleaning service like Handy and of course – a Pima Abaya always hits the spot (perfect for breastfeeding and will ensure most stylish new mama status in the new mother’s group).

  1. Diaper Bag: You don’t need to buy a baby-specified diaper bag because you’re going to end up using it as your handbag anyway! Try this one from FEM. It’s so chic we would use it as a handbag even if we didn’t have to pack all the diapers in there. Although it’s not specifically for use as a diaper bag, our Pitusa Mochila would work great – one friend of ours didn’t even get one and just used a backpack and a changing mat! (Many say to not bother with a changing table, either – but that’s a personal preference).
  1. Wipe Warmer: This seems like it’s on all the lists and we can never figure out why. Like any gadget-buying experience, you think it’s a lifesaver at the time but never even open the box up. When you’re trying to juggle feeding, laundry, finding sleep where you can and everything else that comes with being a new parent – much as we might wish it were possible – warming wipes for your newborn falls right to the bottom of the list.
  1. Baby Bjorn: These baby carriers are not the ones, they aren’t comfortable for the baby and they’re not actually that good for the parent’s back either! Go with Ergobaby or a swaddle – much more practical.
  2. Diaper Genie: These were so popular in the 90s and they’ve continued to do well – it’s the ultimate gadget for your newborn. But it’s really kind of a hassle to get them out and is honestly a bit smelly!
  1. Baby Shoes: We hate to be the ones to break it to you. They are the cutest thing in the actual world and make your ovaries hurt. Believe me, we KNOW! But babies are fidgety and most of the time they just end up pushing them off. Wait until they get a bit older and start walking – the shoes will still be just as cute.

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