Preggies In Pitusa

One of our dearest friends and muses is about to POP! And we couldn’t be more excited. She’s pregnant with her first child and since we’re big believers in taking a moment to appreciate the pregnant people in our lives, we recently caught up with her to discuss all things pregnancy and Pitusa. We love running into her around Miami because it seems like she’s always wearing Pitusa! To celebrate the little one that’s about to come into our Pitusa Fam  – we are giving you 25% off at with coupon code KARINA25, just enter it at checkout.

Karina in our Cheetah Sundress in Light Pink, $101

We asked what her go-to was when it came to pregnancy clothing and she said unequivocally and without hesitation that it’s Pitusa “I live in Pitusa even when not pregnant, it’s so easy to just throw on and go. Pitusa always makes me feel so good and still sexy – even at 35 weeks. I love all my abayas.” She has this gorgeous, just-rolled-out-of-bed ethereal beauty (the pregnancy glow is real), matched only by her friendly warmth.

When we spoke to her she was 35 weeks; that point in pregnancy where you feel like you’re going to be pregnant FOREVER.  We got some juicy details about her journey to finding a doula (lots of research!) and her commitment to getting her body strong–and got the down low on some of her fave Pitusa pieces. She’s a big proponent of doing what’s right for your particular body – she doesn’t buy into judging anyone else for how they decide to approach their pregnancy. And for her, that means wearing our Pharaoh Dress in Mint for date night with her husband, which she made sure they kept up throughout her pregnancy. It’s so important to keep the romance alive.

Karina is also a huge advocate of taking time for oneself: throughout her pregnancy, she’s had regular massages. She’s a self-described bath addict and finishes nearly every day with one – it’s her way of practicing ritual. She also exercised from the start:  “I used to not exercise at all, to be honest, but since getting pregnant I realized I’d have to be strong to go through it. So I tried a little bit of everything depending on my mood. I’ve tried my best to switch it up: from Yin Yoga to Power Vinyasa to Restorative Flow. It’s done wonders for me, its kept me in shape, I haven’t got any back pains – yoga for me, as cliche as it sounds, has been amazing. I love throwing on your dresses when I’m going from my house to the gym and have to go straight out after. Even the Trackie Pant you have is perfect for a restorative class.  It’s so easy to remember to stick Pitusa in my bag – which is important since baby brain is for real!”

Karina in our Gypsy Dress in Blood Orange, $149

Something everyone wants to know is how to stop stretch marks, and when it comes to that topic Karina is pretty neutral: “In my opinion, it’s just genetics, but I do have a line down my middle and I’ve been putting Vitamin E oil on my belly which has been helpful.”  With all the self-care she does she was adamant that Pitusa is really the best thing to live in – “it’s just so versatile and I love that I can look good but still be comfy. I LOVE this one!” (She was talking about our Gypsy Dress in Blood Orange). She also loves making her own creams and potions at home using a mix of shea butter, avocado oil, and almond oil. She errs again on the side of doing what’s right for you: she tried to make the switch to all natural beauty products still gets her nails done occasionally.

We love her and we wish her all the best for the rest of her pregnancy and beyond!

The Pharaoh Dress, $150

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