Pitusa’s Pool Party with Galore Mag and Charli XCX

Pitusa had the absolute pleasure of going out to Indio this year to party with everyone’s GBFs in the Coachella Valley. Not familiar with the term? Well, it’s time you got with the program and joined the rest of us in 2017. It’s your Gay Best Friend, babies! We threw a pool party over the weekend one of Coachella in a redesigned roadside motel with Galore Mag editors Jacob and Prince, our gracious hosts for the day. Pitusa ladies have always needed their Gay Best Friends, from the very start: to tell us our outfit is just right (giving us that confidence boost we need before a night on the tiles), to tell us when we’re overdoing it (in outfits and in life) and to tell us—no matter what, no matter how much we might not want to hear it, no matter how many times we might ignore it—the no holds barred truth. So we were so excited to have the opportunity to celebrate our own GBFs with a pool party, listening to get-your-ass-moving music, drinking delectable Stillhouse whiskey cocktails and legally smoking Humboldt Brother’s weed (we were in Cali, after all). Nothing better. As you can imagine, things got a little rowdy and a lot hazy.


There were performances from Charli XCX, Brooke Candy, and Cupcakke. Those ladies really know how to have a good time and you’re never bored when you get to see them perform: there’s a reason why everyone from Icona Pop to Iggy Azalea to Marina and the Diamonds have tapped at Charli’s door for collaborations. This performance was no different and the crowd was super into it. Once everyone was up no one could stop moving—everyone had caught a vibe and we danced all day in our kimonos and swimsuits. As if that wasn’t enough for the 24-hour party people in us, there were also DJ sets by Simi & Haze, Jordyn Woods and Jasmine Sanders. At Pitusa we’re all about female empowerment so it was exciting to get to support such a female heavy line-up.

After years and years of party pics from Coachella, it might seem, from the comfort of your laptop screen, like they’ve all started to blend into one another. But at Pitusa we have always prided ourselves on being a little different, a little more with the times. Teaming up with GaloreXGrindr, we had some of the best tunes in all of Indio Valley, drinks were flowing and our Clueless-inspired dreams of making like Cher Horowitz and “sparking a doobie and getting laced at a party” all came true. We even got to rumble around on a motel bed and provide pom pom headbands and colorful props to get the photo booth going—needless to say, most guests were raring to go and there was a line out the door to join in on the fun. No, not that kind of rumbling – get your minds out of the gutter people! We might be rowdy, but we’re still ladies. Even Jeremy Scott, the gay best friend everyone wishes they had, made an appearance. We partied until sundown and didn’t want to leave. Until next year, sweet Coachella: you are always so good to us, but we have to jet.

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