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Our new travel series is called Pitusa Packs where we provide you with our tried and true Pitusa approved recommendations—this month we’re doing Palm Springs.We had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Pitusa event for Coachella and got to do a bit of exploring around town. In the process, we stumbled upon some local gems. With Coachella coming to a close this weekend, we thought it only right to share our finds all you desert roses with the crème de la crème Palm Springs has to offer. After all the hard work of running around a music festival for two weekends straight, you deserve it. You do – we said so. A vacay from your vacay, anyone?



Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Palm Springs has really had a foodie renaissance in recent years. No longer is it the destination where gourmet goes to die, and after two weekends at a music festival, you’ll probably need to have a nice civilized meal. Workshop Kitchen has got you covered.  With James Beard award-winning chefs at the helm. There are California classic dishes like Farro Risotto, Roasted Heirloom Carrots and more adventurous ones like Octopus Carpaccio and a Ranch Beef Burger topped with Pastrami and cheddar (damn!)–and then the are-you-joking-get-in-my-gob-this minute Duck Fat Fries – there’s something interesting for every palate here.


Photo courtesy of   noahwebb



Birba is another good one to dust your cut offs off at, paired with those heels you were dying to wear all weekend. Go for the rainbow beets and the Roma Roma pizza, for those of us terrified of gluten they even have a cauliflower crust. With delicious cocktails and space heaters, they know how keep you warm on the cold desert nights.



ice cream + shop(pe)

It’s no secret that at Pitusa we LOVE color. It’s kind of our…thing. That’s why we feel so at home in Palm Springs, our Mini Abayas were MADE for this town. This amazing ice cream place is one of our fave spots to have some delicious dessert and have a nosey around the gift shop. With flavors like pink ginger, Champagne sorbet and birthday cake it’s really a no-brainer. They also have cute stationary, mugs and even those inflatable swans T. Swifty is so fond of.


Photo courtesy of the localwanderer




Bootlegger Tiki

We can’t think of anything more Palm Springs than a genuine Tiki Bar to wile away the hours and pretend you’re Hollywood royalty—the old guard. With drinks with names like “Acid Drop” and “Sophisticated Mama” and a real happy hour with truly inspired discounts, you might find yourself back in the desert after a long night on the patio here. It was all worth it for the stories…if you can remember them.




Ernest Coffee

A long night at Tiki requires a big cold brew in the morning, (they also have a booze board with something called the “Walk of Shame”)…not for the faint of heart. Ernest Coffee is the place to go—it serves Stumptown, enough said. Funnily enough, they have the same owners, so we think there may be some mischief afoot here. We’re not complaining. Get an almond croissant so you’re nice and satiated when it all comes flooding back that you danced on a table. At least you had your Pima Inca Jumpsuit on.






Parker Palm Springs

An iconic hotel and brand, this hotel houses Norma’s – the incredible brunch spot with portions the size of our head. Be prepared to stuff yourself silly and then tour the gardens and laze about by the pool. It has a truly old-school Palm Springs vibe about it. Grab a drink at the mini bar—amazing cocktails of literally every variety. Photo courtesy of Parker Palm Springs Instagram @parkerpalmsprings




Sparrows Lodge

This is the cutest place in all of Palm Springs and it comes with a storied and glitzy past—if the streets could talk in Palm Springs they would whisper “glamor”.  It was apparently the site where the actress Elizabeth Montgomery had her nuptials (the first time).  It has that hedge log-cabin feel that’s all the rage right now–only, you’re in the desert with a pool and a fire-pit! You’ll fit right in with your trusty Inca Towel Cape.




Colony Palms Hotel

If you feel like treating yourself to a retreat hideaway Colony Palms is the ticket. Housed in a Spanish Colonial style building, it has a very colorful past – opened by a purported mobster and man-about-town, it housed a long list of celebrities in the 50s and 60s hey-day. Come for the history—stay for the spa



Also, don’t miss driving down side streets in Palm Springs. The facades of the houses alone—even if you don’t get to peek inside (although you never know who you might see)—are worth wandering around.

There are also amazing hikes in and around Palm Springs, replete with waterfalls and (baby) canyons for you to get lost in. Check out the desert hot springs, too, if you have a chance. They’re 15 minutes outside of town but oh-so rejuvenating.

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