Pitusa Horoscope: Best Styles For Your Sign

In honor of this summer's lunar eclipse (hello Mercury retrograde!), we've picked out the perfect styles to get you through this transition depending on your zodiac sign. Eclipses usually speed up the process of new beginnings and letting go of things that no longer serve you. Changes can be confusing at times but a great outfit can make things better!



These fiery rams love to stick out from the crowd and demand an outgoing outfit to complement their personalities. Aries are known to love bold colors like red and orange and don't mind a little sparkle here and there. Our Aries love these pieces: 

Tie Up Dress in Hot Pink

Volare Dress in Strawberry


The only thing a Taurus loves more than a boutique donut shop is a perfect outfit. Taurus' are known to be stubborn and have a hard time letting go of things….including their super chic dresses. The best styles for every Taurus that wants to maintain their posh look are:

Multi Flare Dress in Artic Ice

Camille Dress in Peach


These adaptable and intelligent twins love the best of both worlds and are always up-to-date on the newest trends. Jewelry and go-to party outfits are a must for a Gemini's closet. These looks will suit both sides of our Gemini gals:

Bailadora Jumpsuit in White

Cheetah Sundress in Light Pink


These sympathetic crabs ruled are by the moon and love to wear all pearly whites and pastels while dressing according to their mood. We have all the feels for our Cancer babes in these styles:

 Pima Sundress in White

Strawberry Dress  


This courageous lion loves all eyes on her! Leos love to dress in fiery colors to embody their inner spirit and individuality. These dresses are sure to turn heads and express the self-confidence of these lions:

Pom Pom Necklace Dress in Red

Talullah Short Dress in Primrose Pink



Organized and thoughtful, Virgos need outfits that mirror their personality. Details are everything to a Virgo and we agree! For our Virgo babes who only settle for the best, we have the perfect outfits to please your inner perfectionist:

Pea Short Dress in Orchid Ice

Avocado Pom Pom Dress


The generous, lovable and sincere Libras love a good fashion moment. They strive to create a sense of balance in their lives, which reflects in their style. Colors such as peach, light blue, and pistachio are among Libras staple pieces.

Gypsy Dress in Pistachio

Tassel Tank Dress in Peach


This passionate and powerful water sign loves all intense and rich colors but keep their closet pretty neutral. These simple pieces with a hint of an alluring attraction are wins for our Scorpios:

Tallulah Dress in Artic Ice

Alma Dress in Orchid Ice / Artic Ice


This optimistic fire sign loves to experiment with different colors and looks. They love a unique and comfy outfit that can be worn everywhere ... as they love to travel around the world! These looks can take them everywhere:

Pom Pom Dress in White

Pom Pom Crop Top in Light Pink


These mature and ambitious goats love practical and comfortable pieces in darker colors. They don't tend to be the overly-frilly type of girls but love simple silhouettes with a hint of elegance, such as these:

Camille Short Dress in Black


 Mini Pima Abaya in Blood Orange 


These outgoing and artsy water bearers have a quirky and fashion-forward sense of style and love to be the first to try a new trend. Violet, blue and turquoise with a small pop of color are all the rave for our Aquarius babes: 


Boho Dress in Aqua


These fishies love for their flowy and feminine style to mirror their romantic personalities. These girls usually have a huge imagination and love to explore it by trying different free-flowing styles like these that reflect their moods:

Llama Halter Dress in Light Pink 

Inca Abaya in Aqua

Written by: Paloma Fernandez 


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