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Pitusa is proudly based in Miami, and we live the beachy, sun-worshipping, laidback lifestyle to match. With that comes a certain commitment to wellness and exercise, and we always have our ear to the grindstone when it comes to fun and off the beaten track activities to do around the city. So we thought we’d give you the lowdown on some recurring events in our beautiful beach town you might not otherwise hear about.

Miami-based juice company, Jugofresh, does a free yoga series called “Yoga del Barrio” every third Wednesday of the month in Coral Gables. Join a group of like-minded yoga and wellness mavens at the Coral Gables Museum on the Museum Plaza, a magical place to practice. One of the regular instructors is Amanda Mestre, a Vinyasa instructor who has a practical, balanced and fun way of teaching ; she’s worked with athletes since 2012 to increase strength, stability, flexibility, power, focus and concentration. Get your body moving in our new Halter Jumpsuit, $127–a simple and chic yoga outfit. It can even take you from yoga class straight into a casual dinner at nearby Ichimi.

We suggest getting to the museum a bit early and renting bikes that are available and cycling around the grounds, or simply taking a walk.The grounds are bucolic and beautifully designed, and will put you in a perfectly zen mood before a night out in South Beach (or snoozing the night away before a day on the beach). Coral Gables is also a wonderful area to take a drive in and spot some of the city’s oldest and most interesting architecture, replete with grand houses.

For listings go to: Coral Gables Museum or Jugofresh

The next class is June 21, 2017 at 615 pm

Photo courtesy of Jugofresh


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