Virginie pictured wearing the Inca Jumpsuit and baby Charlie wearing the Kids Towel Cape.

With Mother’s Day coming up, we asked some of our beloved Pitusa fam for any tips they have about motherhood–the same mothers we interviewed for our last mother’s day blog! It’s such a pleasure to see how much can change in the space of a year—and to bear witness to how much expansion and growth these incredible women have cultivated in their lives.

It’s not always easy to be a mother in the age of social media – at a time where we all seem to be throwing so much of our lives up online, it can feel difficult to keep up. Do I breastfeed? Do I cook every meal for my child beautifully from scratch or do I buy baby food and give myself a break? Do I co-sleep or do I get some much-needed sleep and keep my baby in the bassinet? And what about schooling? And extracurricular activities? And college? And? And…? It can feel completely and utterly overwhelming (in addition to the actual day-to-day of just being a mother). Motherhood isn’t a competition – and there is no one right way to do it – it’s a journey, and sometimes just showing up can be enough.

2017 – Mom wearing Inca Abaya and baby Charlie wearing the Kids Abaya.
2018 – Virginie and Charlie pictured wearing the Inca Jumpsuit and the Kids Towel Cape.

One year on, Virginie now has 18-month old Charlie and is living in Bali with her little family – enjoying every minute. Virginie and her partner, Suife, gave up the Miami life last summer. They packed up all their belongings, put everything in storage and pared it down to a few suitcases, deciding to travel the world with their Cha-Cha. When they landed in Bali in November, they all fell in love with the magic of Indonesia and stayed. We love following Virginie’s adventures in Bali. She is figuring out motherhood on the island of the gods with such grace and poise (and island life admittedly has its perks). Virginie offers up sage advice when it comes to motherhood, try not to take it all so seriously: “Try to remember that this is supposed to be fun. Although there are so many things thrown at you at all times, try to enjoy it. Laugh, cuddle and breathe. Manage the hurdles and make room for play without thinking about the next meal, nap, meeting, schedule.”

2017 – Mom-to-be Aga wearing the Pima Inca Jumpsuit.

Aga, who was 8 months pregnant when we spoke to her last, now has a nearly 1-year-old! She exalts the virtues of making sure you keep your own identity: “Don’t forget about yourself and your passions, being a mom makes you very efficient so you can actually squeeze in some time your favorite activities and even include your little one in them.” It is so important to remember to be gentle with oneself and remember to step back and marvel at how awesome this thing called motherhood is.

2017 – Matching mother-daughter in the Inca Sundress and Kids Abaya.
2018 – Pictured in the Kids Abaya and Bali Kimono.

Mimi whos daughter was 6 last year, doesn’t take herself too seriously and does her: “You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not spending at least a couple of minutes out of your busy day spending time on you, instead of just on everyone else around you, then you’re doing it all wrong. The modern mom plays a key role in taking care of her family, but you can’t take care of your family 24/7. You’re going to lose it! Trust me. Get that pedicure, your family will thank you in the long run.”

So, from the new mothers to the grandmothers to the godmothers and the aunties, we know it takes a village (from the one in your day-to-day life to online communities the world over). We see and salute you for all your hard work and loving presence in our lives. Our gratitude knows no bounds. Happy Mother’s Day Pitusa fam!

2017 – Fran and Cristobal pictured in the Mini Pima Abaya and Kids Towel Cape.

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