GOTM: Interior Designer Federica

Federica wearing the Gypsy Dress in Light Pink.

Federica Molini is our May Girl of the Month – and we can’t think of a better woman to spotlight for the start of the lighter, brighter season. Federica is originally from Venezuela and was raised in the Dominican Republic; she now resides full time in Miami. Her website, Arte Boheme, is Federica’s take on art, travel, and architecture (with some of her family’s antics thrown in for good measure). With exquisite taste and a meticulous eye for detail – the various portals on her website will have you lusting over her exploits for hours on end. We especially love the Casa Tour section, which gives a peek into some of Miami’s most stylish homes, a thrill for those of us with a not-so-secret decorating obsessions.

Federica wearing the Cheetah Sundress.

Federica started out with a lifestyle blog after the birth of her son Federico. She swiftly found herself always searching for the “perfect” shot or moment in time during their weekend getaways or daily activities—a futile quest—and decided to redirect her energy and be more present with her family. After moving into a new home, a Miami cottage built in the 1940s, she was reenergized to document her adventures– and started to build upon what she had already started by mixing her passion for décor, DIY, and thrifty finds. Thus, Arte Boheme was born. An interior designer, Federica describes her love of design as “a visualization of ideas composed by colors, patterns, and textures that blend together in harmony becoming tangible projects for either my home or clients.” She’s also never far from her heritage, recognizing it as an important aspect of her personal aesthetic: she has Venezuelan phrases framed in her home, ceramic pieces from the Dominican Republic, and tropical plants overflowing in her living room. Of these small touches, she says, “They have undoubtedly helped me remember of my upbringing by making it feel more like home.”

Federica in the Pima Athena Dress.

At Pitusa we’re always interested in any parenting pearls of wisdom working mothers have to offer us, and when we asked Federica if she had any tips to share with us she kindly obliged, offering up a poetic piece of advice: “have patience and get creative in the most uncomfortable situation you might encounter with your child at any moment. They are living art, constantly teaching you something new.” When it comes to traveling with kids (especially toddlers), everyone wants to know how to deal with long flights. Federica travels a lot with her family, and finds that sticking to a sleep schedule is the key to success: “Back when Federico was younger, I would fly around his nap time. This made it much easier for me while being on a plane because I am absolutely terrified of flying. On our last trip, I booked an overnight flight which was a total success for both him and my nerves.”

Federica wearing the Pima Inca Jumpsuit.

For Federica, being a Pitusa Girl of the Month is all about being comfortable: “I think Pitusa manages to capture the essence, beauty and the unique elements of every woman through comfort. I am a woman that needs comfort so being named the girl of the month makes me relate even more to the brand.” Plus, she’s “completely obsessed” with our Printed Flare Pant. Federica rarely buys more than one of the same style – but she loved these so much she got them in both colors! She’ll also throw on Pitusa from the office to a night out –using simple tweaks to her wardrobe by changing her shoes or blouse, all the while transforming and adapting the look. We love it!

Gardening in the Cheetah Sundress.


  1. Find your nearest thrift shop and constantly go there.  Don’t give up by just going in once. if you’re consistent, you might find amazing and one of a kind decor.
  2. Bargain the price, don’t be afraid to offer a little less.
  3. Trust your gut feeling, don’t just decorate something because everyone is doing it, uniqueness goes a long way
  4. I love taking shortcuts and different routes when driving (especially during rush hour here in Miami). Get creative with your driving and know that getting lost is not always a bad idea.
Pictured in the Gypsy Dress.

Top 5 spots to go to in Miami? 

Good Karma



Soya e Pomodoro

The Standard Hotel


Star sign?



Preferred workout?

I’m more of a sports person; soccer and horseback riding are my top two.


Favorite vacation destination?

Hands down Victoria, British Columbia.


Any morning rituals?

I listen to Baba Hanuman by Krishna Das before Federico wakes up in the morning. Or I’ll listen to 8 by Bon Iver


Coffee, tea or smoothie?

Depends on the time of day, coffee and smoothies are part of my every day diet.


Any guilty pleasures? 

Furniture 100%


Favorite cocktail? 

Cuba Libre


Favorit quote?

“Years and years but I have a certain amount of faith that it will come.”

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Fede in the new Goddess Dress in White.
Wearing the Goddess Dress from the new High Summer 18′ Collection.
Fede in the Smocking Dress in White.


Fede matching the Pima Athena Dress with a pair of jeans.


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