Let’s Talk About Positive Thinking

Let’s talk about positive thinking: We love it. We are so keen on putting practices into our lives that generate love, life, and positivity. But, we also believe that in order to authentically think positively, you must be able to honor your pain, difficulty, and even the little daily nuisances as you live your life. Sometimes positive thinking is described as “being happy all the time” or “always smiling.” Even though those things are wonderful when they come from an honest place, we also think that positive thinking is much deeper than a smile and happiness.  So let’s talk about those things…

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Positivity is a posture that you learn (and are always learning) to hold.

Positivity is growing your reflexes to have an optimistic outlook, while still honoring your history and the history of others.

Positivity is believing that there is good, even though you have felt and experienced pain.

Positivity is letting go of fear and trusting the process.

Positivity is doing more of the things that fuel you and less of the things that drain you.

Positivity is working toward health in all areas of your life.

Positivity is maintaining self-talk that is full of kindness and grace because nobody talks to YOU more than YOU.

Positivity is choosing to surround yourself with life and love as far as it depends on you.

Positivity is being grateful for the things that you have and stewarding them well.

Positivity is smiling when you feel like and crying when you feel like it.

Positivity is sharing good things with the world as you discover them.

Positivity is setting affirmations.

Positivity is finding beauty in the simplicities and nuances of life.


Happy Positive Thinking Day. xx, Pitusa 

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