GOTM x Carla Nuñez

Say hello 👋 to our November Girl of the Month, Carla Nuñez! This 24-year-old beauty has seen adversity, overcome barriers and is inspiring to everyone that surrounds her. As a Venezuelan native, Carla moved to Miami five years ago due to the political situation in her home country. From there, she started pursuing her dreams as fashion blogger and model. We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Carla on photo shoots and her undeniable pure energy brings light to those around her. Carla is a fan of Pitusa (as we are a fan of her!) and we couldn’t think of a better girl for this month’s muse. 😘

The Cheetah Tribal Mini

"We rise by lifting others." 👐

Carla’s natural beauty and Instagram presence is enough to keep you following, but what drew our attention was the quote in her bio: “We rise by lifting others.” Besides her love for fashion and modeling, Carla’s main aspiration is to be an example of empowerment for women and an inspiration for others to chase their dreams, no matter how big. 😍

At the age of five years old, Carla started attending modeling classes, participated in catwalks and in beauty contests. At that young age, she knew fashion was where her passion lies, although it was only about a year and a half ago when she dropped her mundane 9-5 job, and instead went full-time on pursuing her dreams. “I can tell you that it has been the best decision I have taken in my life,” Carla says.

The Inca Abaya

Carla is now a full-time fashion blogger, model and influencer that promotes beauty, courage and strength. With so much pressure to be someone else for the ‘gram just to get likes, followers and acceptance, Carla sheds light on practical ways to engage the media while staying authentic.

“You have to be the real you, you can't fake a character for social media. You have to be honest with yourself or else you might make someone else happy, but in reality you won’t be and that is what really matters.”

The Jasmine Set

Social media is obviously a large part of how we all share our message, our brand, and ourselves. Inevitably, it can sometimes become overwhelming for anyone, especially someone with such a large following and influence. Carla continues to spread positivity and love through it all, but also needs to unplug like anyone else! Her favorite getaway is the woods to go camping while sharing quality time with her loved ones. 🏕️

“I believe that keeping a balanced mental state is about having your priorities and schedule right. This means having your working time, family time, couple time and time for yourself,” she advises on maintaining a healthy mental state.

Carla is not alone in her journey of her building her dreams, and her following. She is supported by her loving boyfriend, Juanka. Carla told us that he was the inspiration behind her starting her own clothing line, CN WEARS, which promotes women’s empowerment! The two of them also share a traveling couple's blog 🛫 @lovingaroundtheworld, chase adventure and discover new activities, while motivating each other and maintaining love, care and laughter in their relationship (huge couple goals!) Her advice on balancing a trusting relationship and a busy lifestyle? “I think the best advice that I can give is the communication. We always talk about the things that we like and the ones that we don’t like so much. Never go to sleep without solving your differences.” ❤️

Carla is most proud of the person she’s become and how much she’s learned and grown (as she should be!) When asked for advice she would give her younger self, she told us, “Believe in yourself! You can achieve anything you put your mind to.” Doing what she loves as a fashion blogger and model, she feels like she is living life on her own terms, and we love that mentality.

The Henrietta Dress

The Pitusa Quiz

Star sign?
-Capricorn ♑

Preferred workout?
-Leg Day

Favorite vacation destination?
-Camping or beach

Any morning rituals?
-Going to the gym at 6am

Coffee, tea or smoothie? 

Any guilty pleasures?
-This is a hard one! I have too many!

Favorite charity?
-I love helping the kids in my home country and the homeless

Favorite cocktail?
-Mango Mojito

And quote?
-"We rise by lifting others"


As an honor to this inspiring beauty, take 20% off Carla’s selected styles and colors for the rest of November! Use code CARLA20 at checkout, and as you do, remember that we rise by lifting others.


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