Behind the Scenes x Pitusa Grand Opening

The beginning of September rolls around and we brought our vibrant resort style to the infamous arts district in Miami, where it stands out on one of the biggest and brightest corners of Wynwood. Our first US store is inspired by our CEO and founder, Clara Lago’s designs.

“I have been longing for a Pitusa Flagship store for quite some time. I wanted a place where our customers could come and enjoy exclusives and really experience the true Pitusa lifestyle. It took a long time to find the perfect location and just when I had stopped looking, and in the same week I found out I was pregnant I saw this beautiful pink with white flowers store and I knew it was the perfect spot for our first Pitusa flagship,” thought Lago.

Inspiration comes from within

“It was funny because I hired an architect as I did not have enough confidence in my own ability to design such a large space, and in the end I didn’t use any of their design. I ended up designing the store myself with the help of my GC,” Lago says.

The design is surely eye-catching, as the outside walls are painted pink, and lined with large white flowers that bring beach flare to the streets.

“I wanted something that resembled Holiday and Beach vibes but still had an essence of bohemian- chic to it. Hence the turquoise floor, shower type cabanas as changing rooms, a beach hut for the cash register, huge white palm trees and wicker lamps shipped over from Bali. Those were the things that represented “Beach Chic” to me,” Clara says.


You cannot help but walk by and want to take pictures inside Pitusa’s dreamy boutique. Our tropical attraction has the perfect hint of vintage for all the old-school lovers out there, with a 1960 white Porsche perched in the windows, accompanied with pom-poms (obviously!).

“The 1960 Porsche Carrera S was the final luxury piece that really made the store what it is. This was generously given to us on loan by a friend of the GC who collects vintage Porsches,” said Lago.

Who doesn’t love vintage wheels and vacation feels?

Finally, the Grand Opening

On Thursday October 25, 2018, we teamed up Iman Hasan with Kreps De Maria Marketing, and Martha Graeff, who have been fans from the very beginning, and helped hosted our exclusive Grand Opening event for our local Miami-ians! This was an event you did not want to miss as it featured personal branded coconuts by Coco & Co, refreshing Rose by Maison Belle Claire and a cool Bacardi cocktail, alongside with  South Floridian DJ, Yazmine who jammed with us all night. Most importantly, those who RSVP’d were able to get an exclusive look and purchase into our newest Resort 2019 collection!

To shop or not to shop, what a silly question!

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