March is Women’s History Month, a month in which we celebrate all the many accomplishments and generally awe-inspiring moves women make on a regular basis. At Pitusa we don’t have to look far to be inspired–there are incredible women all around us. Clara Lago founded Pitusa in 2010 as a young woman who was determined to succeed. The path of entrepreneurship is not always an easy one – and can at times be quite lonely. Clara saw early on the virtue in employing other women. She realized she didn’t have to go at it alone in building Pitusa, and that she could find like-minded women to lift her up.

Oftentimes when you see a clothing brand like Pitusa, conceptualizing just how many people are behind it isn’t clear. Which is why it’s always been important for us to be transparent about where we source our materials and where we do our production. By committing to that principle early on, we have expanded the Pitusa world in a way Clara could never have imagined when she was starting out.

That’s why we want to tell you a bit about Doris. Doris lives and works in Peru–she runs the factory where we do the bulk of our production. Back in 2011, Doris was a single mother with a newborn and worked as a seamstress. She said yes, and started working from her living room with just one other person. Pitusa has provided Doris with micro-loans and infrastructure needed to expand and hire more employees.

The amazing Doris, in the process of making styles for our new collection.

Now she has a team of 20 other women and has created a little factory above her home. We are proud to say that we’re able to not only be a part of this story but also provide enough business to ensure these women provide for their families. Simply put, Pitusa would not be what it is today without Doris – and we will always be grateful to her for the major part she’s played in building our brand. And to all the other women: those artisans who make many of the products, our team at Pitusa HQ in Miami and our team of women in Peru. Behind the scenes, we are almost all female and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As Clara puts it in the video “We are eternally grateful to all the women who took a chance on me all those years ago. We should never underestimate the power of women supporting women.”


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