The Inca Sundress in Mint.

Finally! Summer is nearly here! And to kick it off, Memorial Day is just around the corner and we are all abuzz with excitement at the prospect of the first proper weekend of the summer season (and a cool three days off doesn’t hurt).  We may technically still be in Spring until June 21st, but those are just pesky details – we all know that Memorial Day is the weekend where everything good starts to happen. Rose all day, long days at the beach, road trips for no reason at all and SUMMER FRIDAYS! If only life could be one long summer Friday, oh what a dream it would be.

The Mini Inca Cheetah Abaya in Black.

But when it comes to packing, our excitement seems to get the best of us each and every year and suddenly we’re packing for a month-long round-the-world trip rather than a weekend away with a few close friends. Repeat after me: I am not Angelina Jolie on a multi-city press trip for the new Tomb Raider movie. We seem to always be the ones showing up with a huge suitcase for a three-day weekend – you just never know when that fifth pair of wedges might come in handy. But since 2018 is our self-professed year of packing light (both literally and figuratively), we’re really going to try to fit it all in the weekend bag this year.

The Bali Kimono in Peach.

Part of the trouble with Memorial Day Weekend, in particular, is that the weather can still be somewhat unpredictable – is it going to be steamy and hot or will we be confronted with a torrential downpour? Will a chilly Spring still linger in the air? Odds are, you get that feeling too – so let us lend a helping hand and get you packing.  This is where Pitusa comes in – do you know how many Cheetah Sundresses you can fit in a weekender? At last count, at least 17. Pack that sunscreen, bring a handy laundry bag to put dirty clothes (and wet bathing suits) in, and bring our list of essentials below for a sartorially successful Memorial Day Weekend (that won’t break your back).

  1. Can’t go wrong with the Pima Sundress – it takes up so little room in the weekend bag, you’ll be able to pack 3 different colors!
  2. Even if the weather might be unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to pack sunscreen – for both you and the kids. We love Coola Organic Sunscreen. All natural and organic—meaning no nasty toxins.
  3. Take our Watermelon Bag with you for easy packing in your weekend bag – and the perfect beach to dinner cross-body! We also have the Pineapple, Pear and Strawberry Bag – depending on the sweet fruit that reps you best.
  4. Can’t forget the Tribal Weekender to pack it all into!
  5. We are absolutely obsessed with Le Specs sunnies: they encapsulate our need for 90s nostalgia perfectly.
  6. Bring the tunes! Always remember your portable speaker – it’s a rookie mistake to show up to the Airbnb and being forced to put your phone in a glass on the floor while you try to get the dance party going.

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