We have had some VERY exciting developments on our website this summer, ICYMI. We have some new styles that are absolutely perfect for the end of summer, that lovely in between stage when you just can’t let go of your long days at the beach but it’s really cold when that breeze turns on you. When we were little, we had to wear a uniform to school and sometimes we miss those days, where you had but one choice when it came to your outfit and the only thing you could style it with were basically your socks or barrettes (things we do not miss: the horrendously drab color palette). Everyday was a no-brainer because everyday was the same. First up, we have the Solid Flare Set and the Printed Flare Set -you can mix and match the top and the pant – ,wearing them together, with jeans or a different top! You could even, if you’re feeling a little daring, throw a cardigan or a blazer over it to make it “office appropriate”, throw some slides on and Bob’s your uncle!

These days, we’re so spoilt for choice in our closet that some days it takes longer to get dressed than to do all the things one is supposed to do (that is, if one subscribes to conventional wellness-blogger wisdom–in other words: have a warm glass of lemon water, meditate, make a smoothie bowl, do some yoga, go for a hike and make a salad jar for lunch all before 730am, all the while posting it to a well-curated IG story). We have to do all that AND get dressed? So imagine our delight when these beautiful two piece outfits showed up on our website this summer! It’s like an adult uniform but stylish – right up our street, whether it’s the Salsa Skirt, the Rumba Top and Skirt or the Peruvian Set, you can just be one and done – what luck!

You can style them for the office with a sweater or jacket combo, wear them with sandals out to dinner with friends or on a date. And of course, like all our clothes – they’re beach friendly! Check out above and below for how our friends Nicole Kay Clark, Jamie Kidd, Sivan Ayla,  Tash Oakley, Tanya Litkovska and Danielle Kling style their two-piece sets – they do it with a little bit of sweetness, a little bit of sass. They way it should be.

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