Local yoga babe, Gaby Lanz, has taken the yogi world by storm thru her incredible Instagram videos ((Follow Her Account HERE)). When she’s not showing us the craziest positions and flows, she’s assisting her patients as a nurse, taking care of her two adorable boys, or reading a book at the beach. Get to know our Muse of the Month in our one on one interview with the tiny Pitusa gal below.
You’re INSANELY good at Yoga – how long have you been practicing?

Thank you! I’ve been practicing every single day for a little over 2 years.  I had started getting interested yoga right before I got pregnant with my youngest son but it wasn’t until after he was born and I was trying to get my mind and body back, that I became serious about it.

What’s your favorite thing about Yoga?
It’s so simple yet so hard to explain. Yoga has showed me how to see the beauty in everything, including myself.

Do you teach?
I’m currently finishing up yoga teacher training. Only two months left and it will be official!

How about your sons, are they getting into Yoga?
I’ve got two little yogis for sure! It’s been an adventure creating a solid home practice with kids around but sharing it with them has only deepened our bond. We have a space in our home filled with mats and props and that’s where the family mainly hangs out now so yoga is always going on. Asher (6) and Logan (2) both make appearances on my Instagram if you want to see them in action!

What does your diet mainly consist of? Tell us some of your fav things to eat and drink!
I don’t follow a “diet” or fall into any specific box. I try to eat as clean and healthy as possible and only drink water (and lots of coffee). It’s important to know where the food I eat comes from and I try to choose the choices with the least environmental impact. I believe that we are what we eat, that food is medicine, pizza is its own food group and if you want the chocolate then eat it.  Some staples that are always in the house: fruit (mmm bananas), couscous and quinoa, tons of frozen veggies, rice, beans, avocados and of course chocolate.

Your Instagram has grown so much! What are you yoga/Instagram goals?
I honestly don’t know…it still blows me away every time I think of how much my account and myself have grown on this journey. It’s been over a year now and I don’t have a plan except to keep sharing. I found yoga because people shared it on Instagram and hopefully someone out there started because I share.  One day I would love to host retreats and teach workshops. It’s a goal of mine to travel. I’m just trying to go with the flow and see where it takes me.
What’s your favorite Pitusa piece?
The jumpsuit! (and the joggers, dresses and everything with pom poms!)
What are some places you’re dying to travel to?
I want to handstand on every beautiful beach around the world!
What’s your favorite type of music to flow to?
I usually prefer to practice in silence if possible, only because quiet is so rare in my house! Being able to follow the sound of my breath is a very calming experience. If I do put on tunes its almost always Reggae. It always feels like the beats in the music sync to my heartbeat no matter the tempo. Old school alternative hip hop is also a go to.  Go listen to The Pharcyde or Sister Nancy on Pandora….
What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Sci Fi/Fantasy novels! I’m a total book nerd.pom pom necklace dress gaby lanz pitusa yoga pitusa yoga pitusa yoga muse

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