November GOTM: Messages From The Universe Creator, Andre Agudelo

Meet Andre Agudelo, our November Girl of the Month and the creator of Messages From The Universe. She is a traveler, creative, lover of new ideas and animals. She is passionate about photography, fashion, health, and spirituality. A traveler and wonderer in her own right, Andre has studied design, creativity, and photography in Milan, Barcelona, New York, and London. Considering herself a citizen of the world, through her lens Andre has captured moments, places, and people that have captivated her; learning from each culture.

Andre’s philosophy on life focuses on happiness at the core of everything she creates.

Learn more about Andre and read our Q&A below:

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Tell us a bit about yourself? What’s your background?

I am a free soul, a believer of happiness. I am from Colombia and founder of “Mandalas Para El Alma”. I founded my company back in 2015 because for me it was important to create a connection with people, to be able to talk about the existence of the mandalas, to share my personal experience with them as a way to meet ourselves, to meditate and to be happy. Today we have a much broader portfolio of mindfulness products whose main objective is to bring happiness to people. I want my brand to be an experience of transformation; it has no gender, it has no age, it has no race, it is for everyone, it is for the soul!

As someone who loves fashion, how would you describe your personal style?

Boho Style! I am inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits. I love dresses, flowy fabrics, soft and loose-fitting clothing.

You are the author of Mandalas For The Soul, a book on meditation therapy that you have described as an experience. For those who are unfamiliar, can you explain what a Mandala is and how you discovered it?

This incredible journey began with the launch of my first book “Mandalas Para el Alma”, a mandalas coloring book inspired in Turkey. I wanted people to know that we can connect with our most sublime, wise and spiritual part at any time. This part of us that knows everything and is always in a state of calm and freedom. I wanted to create a product where I could capture how amazing and easy it is to connect with yourself, something that my parents taught me since I was a little girl.

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Your philosophy on life is to be happy. How do you maintain happiness and inner peace within your everyday life?

The key to everything is to be grateful for:

  • The present moment
  • The experiences we have
  • The learnings
  • The miracles
  • People
  • The simple and the complex

You’ve developed an amazing community of supporters on Instagram. What is one message you hope your followers take away from your posts?

My biggest intention with social media is to show people my life’s philosophy and the philosophy of my family. I want to deliver a message that you can be happy regardless of your life situation.

You recently launched Messages From The Universe, a box of cards to be used as a guide for the soul. What inspired you to create it? Where can we buy it?

Before creating “Messages From The Universe”, I had angel’s cards. My mom taught me how to use them since I was a little kid. It was a way of connecting with my spirituality and give solutions to problems which I felt couldn’t be solved through our rational minds. Now with “Messages From The Universe”, I created a simple and universal way to receive positive answers for those challenging moments we have in our lives or just for those situations where we don’t seem to have a clear answer. They are launching at Whole Foods throughout Florida, the last week of November.

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Lastly, why do you think it is important to find a message from the universe each day?

Every day, we feel that we need wise advice, a route to make decisions, a simple message from the universe to guide our day. We all have moments where our energy vibrates at different frequencies and we feel confusion in our minds; moments where we would like to have the right message and answer. Messages From The Universe was created to let us connect with our intentions and with our soul, take a space of calm and meditation to take your message and let your intuition flow for the universe to give you an answer.

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The Pitusa Quiz

Star sign?


Preferred workout?


Favorite vacation destination?

Anywhere while being with the people I love the most

Any morning rituals?

Having my celery juice

Coffee, tea or smoothie?

I am a tea lover

Any guilty pleasures?

Nutella pizza

Favorite charity?

Throughout the year, I love helping people who are closer to me because I am someone who thinks that you should first help the ones who are closer to you and then other people. Since I was 9 years old, during the Christmas season, I collect clothes and toys for charity foundations, also a % of my book sales go to different non-profit organizations, especially to those helping stray animals, children and elderly people.

Favorite cocktail?

Gin & Tonic

Favorite quote?

“When you love what you do you are condemned to succeed” - Facundo Cabral

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