International Women's Day: The Women Behind Pitusa

International Women's Day: The Women Behind Pitusa
At Pitusa, we're passionate about empowering women, in the workplace and beyond. We are proud to employ a predominantly female staff in every department and at all levels of the company. 
Pitusa draws it's inspiration from the beauty that every woman has to offer, from all the cultures of the world. Today, and always, join me in celebrating the women in your life and their positive impact in our communities.
I may be the founder of Pitusa, but these are the women behind the brand. So, here's a special thank you to all the brilliant team members who are helping create a more gender-inclusive world.
We are so happy to share with you just a few of the women from our Peru and Miami team who help make the brand possible!
Learn more about them below:

- Miami Team -

Gabi - Creative Director
My name is Gabi and I am the Creative Director at Pitusa! Coming from a large corporate background the fact that Pitusa is a small company was extremely appealing to me. Having it be a company that predominantly employs women was just a beautiful bonus! The fact that I am able to know everyone within the company gives Pitusa a real strong sense of camaraderie. Plus as a mother, work life balance is something that is extremely important to me, and something that is hard to achieve for most working mothers. What made me decide to work for Pitusa was the knowledge that our CEO is a mother first as well as our fearless leader. 
The fact that no matter your title in the company everyone truly works collectively. There is an understanding that we are all in it together, therefore if I shine at my job, it's because of the people behind the scenes working with me.
My first year in college (art school) I had to take a foundations woodworking, metalsmith and plastics course. The second I stepped into the workshop I was completely overwhelmed but soon I realized the endless possibilities that I could personally create with the tools. That is when I came to the conclusion that I could truly be self sufficient. If I could build or fix it I wouldn't need to rely on anyone else (especially a man) to do it for me and that I could gain more skills and knowledge from learning trades. From that small spark a full blown passion for fabrication grew, one that impacts my life both personally, from individually renovating my own house and building the furniture in it, to professionally where I get to create with my hands each and every day. 
Christina - Social Media Manager
My name is Christina and I am the Social Media Manager at Pitusa. I feel so proud to be at a company that is not only woman owned but  that predominantly employs women. The women I work with are so hard working and I feel lucky to be able to work with them everyday -  we are truly a family who constantly support each other.
Pitusa is special to me because our focus is to continuously create clothing that empowers women. It makes me so happy when receive messages from customers through our social media telling us how beautiful our pieces make them feel because each piece is truly made with love!
Aleksandra - Store Manager
Hi my name is Aleksandra and I am the Store Manager of the Pitusa Flagship. Having an amazing, young, diverse female team, myself being a store manager and working for an incredible woman CEO makes me truly believe of woman empowerment and equality, these are the boundaries Pitusa is pushing day after day and I cannot be more proud about it
Working at the front of house/store and being able to have a daily interaction with our costumers that love this brand so much is such an amazing feeling.
The care and the brand focus on environment and social integration it’s a key pillar for Pitusa, this makes me extremely proud.
I  feel empowered daily, especially at work. Coming from a country where women equality has a long way to go I feel special working at Pitusa and changing the way women run business.

- Peru Team - 

Alexandra - Administrative team
My name is Alexandra and I am part of the administrative team at Pitusa Peru. I feel very happy to be part of this great family that gives work to many Peruvian women. For me, Pitusa changed my life, I never thought to work for a fashion textile company and I am very proud of it, every day I learn a lot more. Pitusa is really special because it mixes everything that is Inca trims with fashion making a perfect combination. On this special day I send my best to all women, we are capable of everything!
Monica - Administrative Team
Hello my name is Monica, I belong to the administrative team for Pitusa in Peru. I feel really happy working with Pitusa, it’s been almost 2 years. Pitusa for me is really special because it’s given me the opportunity to meet a lot of women who have grown with Pitusa, entrepreneurs who have each contributed their designs to be able to share them with you and provide you all of that comfort every day. Thank you and happy Women’s Day!

Doris - Production

Hi my name is Doris, I have worked for Pitusa for over 7 years and I’m in charge of overseeing production. I feel proud to be working at Pitusa because they employ woman who are young and some are mothers.Their designs, color selection and combination, their Peruvian artisanal accessories, their brand is pretty, happy, and young. 
I started with only one machine where I would make the samples. Nowadays, I’m in charge of one line, 15 machines, 15 people, and I make sure that the Pitusa quality and production stays on track.  I felt empowered as a woman when the owners of Pitusa, Clara and Ricardo, were mentors to me, backed me up, and showed me skills. 

We're so excited to share our very own podcast, "After Hours with Pitusa Mama"! We couldn't think of a more appropriate day to launch this empowering series than on International Women's Day!
Listen Here

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