Halloween is creeping up around the corner. If you don’t have your costume idea just yet, don’t worry, we got you! There are tons of ways to incorporate Pitusa into your look, who wouldn’t want to be comfy (and cute) during Halloween? Check out three of our costume ideas below and let us know if you have any others.

greek goddess pitusa

Dressing up as a Greek Goddess is super simple with our Aegean Long Dress. Snag it in white or nude, pair it with some brown gladiator sandals and gold arm cuffs and headwear, throw on a belt to cinch your waist and don’t forget to watch some tutorials on how braid your hair.

salsa pitusa halloween costume

Chiquita Banana is SUCH a fun costume and super hard to pull off, but luckily we are dropping our Salsa Skirt and Top this week. Purchase the set and pair it with a fruit basket headdress that you can find online, red lace-up heels, maracas and some fun jewelry.

ice princess pitusa halloween

Be the Ice Princess you’ve always wanted to be in any of our white dresses. Our Evil High Low dress drops this week, pair that with silver accessories and an amazing Mermaid Crown from Chelsea’s Flower Crowns (you will be OBSESSED with everything she makes, be careful!).

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