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Remember when you were a kid and the idea of staying in a tree house was the most exciting prospect in the world? Remember begging your parents to help you build one so you would move into it forever? Well, we do too, and that child-like excitement at the idea staying in a tree house high above the ground hasn’t lost its allure. What makes it even cooler now that we are grownups is that we can pay to stay in one with grownup amenities – we don’t have to subsist on s’mores alone (although that would be fun too) and there is a guarantee that the bedding is slightly better than a sleeping bag and a sweater for a pillow.

At Pitusa we always have our next summer adventure in mind, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the most sought-after arboreal lodgings to travel to this year. From soaring views in Bangkok to suspended spheres in Vancouver–the explorer in us wants to quit everything and spend the next five years tree house hopping all over the world. For now, we’ll have to settle on asking our Pitusa fam to take one for the team, book their next trip to one of these spectacular homes in the sky and tag us with #PitusaTreehouse so we can live vicariously through you.

Shop the Inca Braided Dress here.

Tree Hotel

Harads, Sweden

Scandinavian design plays its strengths in this six-room hotel. Suspended in the pine trees, the tree houses are 20 feet off the ground—each with its own unique design. Go with a group of friends to experience a bird’s nest and a UFO. Like any self-respecting Swedish establishment, there are saunas to enjoy and beautiful river views.

Free Spirit Spheres

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Ever dreamt of falling asleep while being gently rocked the way you were as a baby? Well, thanks to this three-room Canadian tree house hotel 10 to 15 feet above the ground – you can. The owners have made floating cedar orbs in a thousand-year-old forest and then suspended them with a web of sturdy rope. It sounds wholly ethereal and the perfect place to do a day’s long digital detox.

Green Village

Bali, Indonesia

Neighbors with the first completely sustainable school in the world of the same name, The Green School, these bamboo villas are tree house luxury at its finest. There are no real walls so not only are you having a five-star experience; you’re actually comingling with jungle life in the kind of experience only the Balinese know how to create.

Treehouse Point

Issaquah, Washington

This collection of forest tree houses are made with loving care by the owner, who also holds workshops for those wishing to build their own tree-toppers. It’s a right spot for a romantic getaway: kids younger than 13 are not allowed. You’ll enjoy hand-made cedar beds with a private balcony. Go in the summer for live music and nature tours.

Lion Sands

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Although “tree house” and “luxury” usually don’t go together—Lion Sands has managed to make the two synonymous with one another. If you’re fans of Netflix hit “The Queen,” you’ll know that living in luxury amongst lions and zebras could be possible, but you may not have known where to start. Look no further: although there is no electricity or shower, is there anything more thrilling than waking up with your own personal safari in a sumptuous room on the savannah? Absolutely not.

Bangkok Treehouse

Bangkok, Thailand

This twelve-room hotel in the heart of Bangkok is for those die-hard treehouse lovers. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to live in a tree in the middle of a metropolis, look no further. You won’t necessarily be roughing it, but it’s certainly an experience to stay in the trees in a city as colorful as Bangkok.

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