GOTM: Pitusa Founder & Designer, Clara Lago

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In honor of the recent English Mother’s Day and the upcoming U.S. Mother’s Day, we thought who better as our April GOTM than our very own designer and founder Clara Lago. Clara, who is British and Spanish, moved to Miami for university. It was here that she set out to design comfortable and affordable clothing that could be worn every day, by every woman. In 2010, Clara founded Pitusa and through her love and dedication for the brand and everything that it stands for, she was able to grow Pitusa into a multimillion dollar company selling to over 300 stores all over the world...making her the ultimate entrepreneur 🙌🏼

Clara draws inspiration from the beauty that every woman has to offer and focuses on creating pieces that continuously empower women. Pitusa offers a lighthearted aesthetic that easily transitions from beach to street.

Fun fact: Pitusa, meaning 'funny little girl' in Spanish, was Clara's childhood nickname

Clara is not only our boss babe but a super momma to her son Rumi, born this past December 👪

We recently caught up with Clara at our HQ to talk motherhood.

Keep scrolling to read our Q&A ☺️

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What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Seeing my baby smile

How did you choose your babies name?

Funny question, when he was born we named him Tristan Rumi because we had decided on Tristan a while ago. Then, a week before giving birth, I thought of Rumi because my husband would read him Rumi poetry every day. My husband wasn’t so sure on Rumi so we went with the original name we had picked. After 6 weeks we both decided he didn’t suit Tristan at all and that Rumi suited him a lot more. His eyes were turning lighter by the day and when I relooked up the name, Rumi also meant lapis lazuli which is a blue mineral with gold flecks in it and it reminded me so much of his eyes.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Inca Abaya

What women have inspired you?

My mum, my grandma, and my two best friends Lara and Henrietta

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How do you balance work and spending quality time with your son?

It’s really hard, I try to do emails when he’s asleep or during his alone play time. I’m also fortunate enough to have help.

Any advice to expecting moms?

Enjoy every moment of being pregnant and then having your baby, I find the nostalgia to be hardcore!

What are three things that you cannot live without?

My baby

My husband 


What has been your biggest challenge so far when it comes to motherhood?

First was feeding. I found breastfeeding to be painful and very difficult, the baby would be on my boobs for hours and hours and never seemed satisfied. I had to get a lactation consultant twice.

Then I had to deal with baby getting overtired, in the day he would be miserable and just wouldn’t sleep so I went hardcore Gina Ford on him and now he’s on a schedule which has worked great for us.

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What’s your favorite mommy and me matching set from Pitusa

The Inca Abaya!

How has being a parent changed your perspective?

You realize what really matters in life 

Do you have any recommended books/resources for parents?

Gina Ford and 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks are two good books 

How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

With my baby at home probably 

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The Pitusa Quiz

Star sign?


Preferred workout?

High interval weight training. 

Favorite vacation destination?

Bali or the Spanish islands  

Coffee, tea or smoothie? 

Smoothie and coffee and TV with my husband 

Any guilty pleasures?


Favorite charity?

Ones own, the act of giving from one individual to another in need 

Favorite quote?

Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself 

- Rumi


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