GOTM: Iman Hasan, VP of Lifestyle + Events

Say hello to our September Girl of the Month: Iman Hasan. She carries an undeniable energy that illuminates her and her surroundings as she goes about her daily life. It’s no wonder that she works in lifestyle and events, along with being a style ‘it-girl’ who has worked with luxury clients that we all have major heart eyes for (yeah, brands like Burberry, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana…just to name a few.).  She grew up in London but has lived and worked in Dubai, Miami, New York, and LA– this has given her a diverse set of experiences, cultures, and energies. Though she’s known for her beautiful events and personal style, the more time we spent with her, the more we grasped that she has a gift for connecting people and ideas in a way that creates organic, yet beautifully curated and exciting atmospheres– this gift translates into her professional success and her thriving life. She has a vibrant personal life full of friends, good food, and love. She’s all about balance, connecting the dots, and being who she is wherever she is. And here at Pitusa, we’re all about those things too.

Iman in the Pima Mykonos Romper Romper in White.


“Iman is the VP of the Lifestyle and Events division for Kreps DeMaria and has been working in the luxury fashion and lifestyle industry for over 10 years. Prior to joining Kreps DeMaria, Iman was a co-owner of RAC, a full-service fashion and lifestyle firm which included clients such as Aquazzura, Neiman Marcus, TOPSHOP, W Hotel South Beach, Intermix, and Net-A-Porter to name a few. While in London, she worked closely with clients such as Liberty London, Browns Fashion, Mary Katrantzou, Erdem, Burberry, Diana Von Furstenberg, Loulou’s, Cartier. Additionally, she worked as a contributing editor and lifestyle columnist for,, Emirate Woman, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Iman has co-hosted as well as created events for Dolce and Gabbana, Refinery 29, Theory, Soho Beach House, Reformation, Goop, Longchamp, Armani, and Mara Hoffman among many others. With her own personal following of 56k on Instagram, Iman is able to strategize concepts, create events, curate a targeted guest list, and possesses a global database of editors, influencers, and brands.”

We asked Iman if she felt like she pursued her career or if she felt like it just “found her,” and she told us, “I always wanted to do fashion. I then became interested in more lifestyle, food, and hospitality. I wanted to move away from doing just fashion and remain inclusive to all aspects of life. I think it’s more relevant than solely fashion; my role has changed drastically as I’ve been able to attain diversified experience. PR has been an ongoing process— you need a diverse skill set and thankfully, I was placed in roles and life circumstances that gave me that.” As we chatted more about career, we learned that she certainly pursued experiences and roles, but she also knew when to let things happen. A true sixth-sense that brought to fruition all the good things she’s living now!
Iman was one of the first to really utilize influencer marketing in a way that extends beyond digital interaction. When she started the agency, RAC, she was all about creating stellar experiences– ones that focused on sustainability, charity, relevancy, and unique activations. This led to her success in PR and her personal influence, as her finger was (and certainly still is) “on the pulse.” She never shies away from taking into consideration “all things.” She’s has a go big or go home mentality that has served her SO well as she has navigated professionally (and personally).
We talked with Iman about how her personality translates into her professional world. She is extremely social and understands the importance of being dynamic in every arena of her life. She talked about the gift of not getting overwhelmed and approaching work and obstacles with the attitude of “this is where we are, so let’s just go from here.” She’s a natural problem solver who tries to remain flexible and open-minded, which are key ingredients in her professional success.
In the Clara Dress (one of Iman’s all-time fav dresses…she owns 2 colors!); styled with the Embellished Basket.

Fashion / Style

Iman goes way back with Pitusa, so, we asked her what draws her to the brand. “Clara’s style is constantly evolving from fun whimsical resort wear, day to night, bohemian chic.  She IS Pitusa and that’s a big draw because there’s so much clothing happening everywhere. She outdoes herself every year from hair and makeup to styling. She totally embodies the brand and it’s an extension of her. Practically too, it’s great quality, feels very good, well-fitting, and the price points are fair.”

Because Iman travels a good bit, she’s able to draw inspiration from many cultures and styles (though she certainly is inspired by Instagram and all social media channels!). She talked about how style is different everywhere she goes, for example, if she’s in LA she’s dressing differently than if she’s in Miami or New York…and this keeps her inspired and fresh!

Any creative styling tips? Fashion advice that has stood the test of time for you?
  1. I don’t believe in following trends, wear what you feel comfortable in!
  2. Mixing high with low pricepoint;  It tends to be more unique and creative this way. You don’t have to be fully designer!
  3. Know your body type and accentuate your best assets.
  4. Color is good, I like to have fun and not be restrictive about anything.
Wearing the Santorini Dress in Watermelon.


Iman is on-the-go all the time…literally. So having consistency and practices embedded in her life is really important. She’s a regular at Reset Cryotherapy on the beach…” they are my one-stop shop if I am feeling tired or in between flights. The benefits of Cryotherapy are amazing and it really helps keep me going with my hectic schedule.”
Iman’s on-the-go tips:
“Get sleep, try transcendental meditation to calm your mind and always make time to workout. I also have an incredible life coach Lorena Coyle that I swear by. She’s like my go to when I feel stuck in anything in life. Whether it’s work or personal. She practices Teta healing and offers her patients real-life solutions. Disconnect from phone and email. Take time to yourself, keep the routine, eat healthy. I try to not take work stress home along with not committing to things that will exhaust me.”
Iman is such a foodie.

Seriously. She truly appreciates good food and drink and the people surrounding her throughout the experience. When we asked her if there were any fun-facts about her that not many know, she said, “I eat three times my body weight, lol. I’d give up anything, but not food.” She’s a full-experience gal and we love that about her. From the finest dining to the best hole-in-the-wall spots…Iman is your go-to for food suggestions.

Fav restaurant spots in Miami:
  • Mandolin Aegean Bistro
  • KYU
  • Azabu (best sushi in Miami)– “I am obsessed with sushi and never feel I can have too much, so dinner at Azabu to close out the night with my boyfriend is my perfect ending to the day. He’s one of my favorite humans.”


“I love genuine warm souls. Loyalty is a very important trait to me and some of my closest friends embody all these traits. I am also a big advocate of women helping women and building each other together. I also bond with creative people who are grounded in spirituality. You cannot sell anything you are not. Someone who’s not just following trends or popular culture. You need to have a soul and a presence. That old saying personality opens doors is very true.”
How Iman stays spiritually grounded:
  • “I believe in the energy of crystals and how they channel certain things; I typically grab a crystal on my way out of the house…lately, it’s been rose quartz.”
  • Manifesting!!
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki

The Pitusa Quiz

Star sign?
Preferred Workout?
I have a trainer and I do Barry’s Boot Camp. I like things that are more intensive or I’ll get bored! 
Fav vacation destination?
Tulum… I’m always there! and Capri! 
Any morning ritual?
I’ve been getting more into meditation and I generally take the first 30 minutes of my day to organize myself, especially if I have a meeting! I like to meditate while getting ready. 
Coffee, smoothie or tea?
Tea! I make a fresh mint tea at home with cinnamon and fennel. I love detox and white tea, too! 
Favorite charity?
Anything involving animals in the Miami-Dade Area…especially pit bulls! And Give A Buck– its horse therapy for those with disabilities. 
Any guilty pleasures?
A matcha chocolate cap.
Favorite cocktail?
Red wine or tequila.
Favorite quote?
Go big or go home!

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