Fall In Love Wearing Pitusa

Fall In Love Wearing Pitusa
Pitusa pieces that will have your lover falling for you all over again
By Sarah Correa-Dibar
Cupid is back with his love-struck arrows, and this year he has paid Pitusa a visit to let us know which outfits will give everyone heart eyes on Valentine’s Day.We’ve set aside our most romantic pieces at Pitusa for a Valentine’s Day date of any kind, and are all Cupid-approved.
Picnics are the Pinterest-rage now, and what better than a dress that matches with your picnic blanket, that is if you’re not doing the basic red-and-white checkered one. 
A bottle of rosé for two, a white cake adorned with pink roses, heart-shaped boxes with chocolate truffle bon bons waiting to be devoured, bunches of juicy pink raspberries, red cherries, strawberries and watermelon chunks, sour pink lemonade in an ice-filled jar, heart-shaped strawberry jam sandwiches, and of course freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolats all bundled up in a wicker picnic basket. 
I’ve never met a Galentine’s Day that didn’t include an extra-girly slumber party because let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is for the girls.
Wearing a holey oversized shirt and sweats is over and done with. In order to do a pajama party the right way, you have to pull out a frilly PJ set, and for that you have the Frog Closure Set.
Pop the movie-theater popcorn, lather on the clay face masks, unfold the chunky blankets, light up the candles and play your first Rom-Com of the night. 
For the dress with the fairy-like sleeves, it’s only appropriate to go on a strawberry-picking date. Pair it with a straw sunhat and its matching straw basket and take a trip to the nearest strawberry (or any berry) farm. 
In your straw basket pack a picnic blanket, a baguette, a knife, and some honey to make fresh strawberry toast. And why not make a champagne toast while we’re on the toast-subject! Grab your strawberries, drop them in the champagne glasses, and toast to your love. 
Perfect, a skirt to match your morning OJ. Throw on the Boho Skirt with your favorite white top and go for a grand breakfast with your Valentine.
If you’re like me and your favorite meal of the day is breakfast, this is your chance to go all out and order hot and fluffy pancakes with warm syrup and golden butter, french toast with cinnamon you can smell from around the corner, and coffee so strong it will fly you to Colombia (where the Boho Skirt will fit in perfectly).
While you’re at it, why not make the OJ into a mimosa and call it a brunch! That is if you slept in on Valentines from dreaming about sweet, sweet love all night.
A dress with the exact mix of sexy, flirty, and cute for the dinner date night of your Valentine's dream. The Spanish Mini Dress is so perfect on its own that you won’t need to spend too much time worrying about your hairstyle being perfect or just the right shoes that you can’t seem to find. Throw on this frilly dress and you’re ready to head out the door and dive straight into those strawberry margaritas and spicy appetizers. 
Whether you go to a 5-star restaurant or your favorite taco stand, the Spanish Mini Dress is here to save your “Oh My God, what the heck am I supposed to wear on my first ever Valentine’s Day!” 
The main facets of Valentine’s Day dates are covered and to make good news even better, Cupid and Pitusa selected even more items to sweep your lover off their feet all over again. Shop our most romantic pieces today and get all dolled up for your Valentine. 

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