Earth Day 2021 - Sustainable Fashion

Earth Day 2021 - Sustainable Fashion

Happy Earth Day!

Today, we celebrate our home and bring awareness to the importance of saving it. COVID-19 has given us a second chance to appreciate what mother nature has to offer, with quarantine forcing us to spend more time outdoors. Who else misses those quarantine walks? 

Earth Day allows us to analyze what is contributing to the pollution of our planet and what we can do to make a difference. Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the top 10 contributing industries to pollution? This devastating fact is something most brands are aware of but do not have at the forefront of their business model. At Pitusa, we strive to continually be conscientious of our impact on the environment and have taken the best practice in order to reduce as much waste as possible. We work with our women-owned ateliers in Peru to produce our pieces and collections in small-batches at a time, this helps to avoid over-consumption. We try to give our leftover materials a second life by creating new products with them, such as our Pitusa Cloth Masks, scrunchies, and more. In Miami, our offices do not use single-use bottles or utensils. We recognize that everyday should be Earth Day and it is imperative to implement lasting and innovative changes to protect our planet. It’s more than just ticking the boxes, we are taking time to continually re-envision and re-invent our systems for the better. This year, we are excited to share some more actions we are taking to achieve our goal of reducing waste and bettering our environment:

  • Like many other companies, we have been a remote office this past year: using less ink, paper, and electricity than the preceding years.
  • We have consolidated our incoming shipments to lessen our carbon footprint by having less airplane shipments for our deliveries.
  • Our warehouse, in Miami, has replaced plastic garment bags for recycled garment bags.
  • We are working with local businesses in Peru to create newly designed hang tags made of recycled paper and vegetables that are compostable. You will be seeing our new tags  this upcoming year.
  • All plastic tagging will be replaced with hemp rope.

We give gratitude to our planet for all that it has to offer us and vow to take actionable steps to protect it. We hope to not take advantage of, but instead positively contribute to our Mother Earth.

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