Dearest Pitusa Fans

Dearest Pitusa Fans

Happy New Year. I didn’t realize 2020 marked the start of a new decade until a friend posted on Instagram a few days ago “start of a new decade”. It suddenly occurred to me I started Pitusa at the start of the past decade! On the 8th of December 2010, we had our opening launch party. I hope that some of you reading this may have been there that night and remember us from the very beginning. We started with alpaca wear and did a 180 to resort wear but now we have done a full 360 and have reintroduced exclusive alpaca pieces.

It has been with great pride that I grew this company from an apartment based business where I was my only employee for a long time, to what it is today. We are a cozy team of 20 each member much loved by myself and the entire team. We have warehouses in Peru and Miami and at the end of 2018, we opened our first retail store in Wynwood Miami. A long time dream of mine made possible by our own capital. As it stands we have still never taken outside investment. Everything is made possible by you our customers and fans.

Looking forward to the new year we have some exciting projects underway, one being an exclusive collaboration with British fashion icon, Millie Mackintosh being launched in April 2020. We plan to take on a serious incentive to make our brand more sustainable from our packaging to our products. We have included 1, 2 and 3 sizing to our sizing and we plan to have a plus size collection by the end of this year. We will also continue to develop our children’s collection. All the while staying true to our quality and reasonable pricing. We always welcome customer feedback and we try to really incorporate as much as we can. We are planning a series of pop ups in 2020 as we have found that meeting customers face to face has really allowed us to familiarize ourselves with our customer and build our relationships further.

At the end of 2018 my husband and I welcomed a son, Rumi. My son has been the greatest joy of my entire life. However being a working mother has its challenges, although i found comfort in the new world of fellow mothers via social media. This has not only helped in relating to the Pitusa customer that are mothers and understanding them better, but also in connecting with new Pitusa fans on a different more personal level. Learning of people I would have never otherwise met.

Pitusa played a large role in my postpartum, with having had a c section and having gained 40lbs I never loved Pitusa more than in those months following my delivery. The softness of the fabrics on my sensitive skin, the kindness of our silhouettes on my new body, and the joy of the colors brought me comfort and confidence at a time I needed it most.

Having Rumi wear (and model) Pitusa has helped guide me in making Pitusa kids an easy go-to for all mums. I would never put Rumi in something that wasn’t of the finest quality and of ultimate comfort which is essentially the founding pillars of the brand. An added bonus was our unisex tees that allowed dads to also match their Pitusa babies!

Pitusa is my first baby and her thriving growth over the past decade is thanks to you, our customer. We are giving our thanks this week with free shipping on all domestic orders. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for a decade of Pitusa.

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