We’ve woken up and suddenly it’s mid-October! It seems like this happens every year but every year, like clockwork, we’re still surprised. Since Pitusa is based in Miami, you can’t really blame us, considering we enjoy beautiful weather year round (please don’t hate us). But from what we hear, climate change is real, and the weather has been decidedly warmer all around the US this year.

But since October is generally the month when the weather finally starts to turn and temperatures everywhere get a bit cooler, we are welcoming everything autumn in with open arms. It’s the season for decorative gourds (as per our fave article ever written from McSweeny’s–it’s a classic), comfy knits and apple cider. One of the reasons we love this season so much is that it’s all about being comfortable, and we have that on lockdown with our new comfy trackies. Our trackie sweater, $113 comes in red and green and is made from 100% cotton. The trackie pant, $123 is equally comfortable and together they’re a match made in lounging heaven. In Pitusa’s humble opinion (IPHO), there is truly nothing better than a tracksuit-come-uniform to wear as you’re figuring out that transitional weather, chuck our new Pom Pom Shawl over it, $168 and you will absolutely feel the chicest you’ve ever felt when mincing around in your sweats. When you go from wearing dresses everyday or throwing on our Fiesta Dress all summer, it’s hard to accept that jeans are back on the menu and maybe you shouldn’t have had ice cream every time the ice cream truck’s melody swung around your block. Step to the stage: the tracksuit! It’s comfortable, it’s cute and it’s acceptable to wear anytime – not just on the fall getaway you’ve been staring longingly at Pinterest for all of September. Plus, with the advent of pajamas as evening wear, we reckon that you can honestly show up to do a dinner date in these babies, throw on some heels and no one will even bat an eyelid!

Another excellent aspect of fall is how acceptable it is to go over the top on anything and everything cosy. To build fires, make warming drinks round the clock and to wear scarves and layers like it’s your business. Did you know in Northern Europe they have an actual word for everything cosy? Well, of course you did. It was only one of the most written about concepts for the past couple of years. It’s called hygge in Denmark and hezellig in the Netherlands. It encompasses everything from sitting by the fire in a log cabin, to drinking steaming cups of apple cider (or mulled wine, which is our favourite thing to make when the weather turns), to for scented candles and socks. It’s what you would expect from a region of the world that gets so few hours of sunshine – you have to have a word that makes all that darkness more fun, right?! And although hygge is generally a more winter vibe, this concept gets it start in the fall months – setting you up for hunkering down in the coldest months of the year. So get cosy all you Pitusa lovers, no matter where you are in the world, we all deserve a little coziness and some extra love right now; however you can get it!

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