Over Wearing Flower Crowns to Coachella? We’ve Got You Covered.


Coachella. Flower crowns. Daisy Dukes. Desert dancing. You know the drill. It can be a head-scratcher getting together an outfit that gives you that I-Just-Stepped-Out-Of-A-Spa-Treatment-In-My-Mud-Hut vibe but also doesn’t leave you looking a sweaty, melty mess. It’s a delicate balance. Coachella has been the go-to for the first of many spring and summer events that launch a thousand festival looks. Packing for the ultimate music festival in the desert isn’t always straight-forward, and let’s face it: whether you’re camping or staying in a villa with 40 of your best friends, it’s not always the luxury destination we’d like to believe it is. Herewith, 7 suggestions for what to pack, how to pack and what to leave out for the music-lovers desert daydream.




  1. Innovate your accessories, girl. The Pitusa Pompom Crown is for the girl who has worn that flower crown one too many years in a row, and adds a twist to the wilting lilies and daisies left for (quite literal) dust all over the Indio Valley when the festival comes to a close.
  1. Pack light. It might go without saying, but there’s nothing worse than arriving to Palm Desert and realizing that the last thing you need are those sky-high wedges and you could have left out the floor-length layered maxi skirt.  That’s where Pitusa’s Tribal Weekender Bag, $176 comes in. We can fit  Mini Pima Abayas and Inca Sundresses for days in this sweet littleweekend bag.  A colour for each day of the weekend one AND two, you say? Don’t mind if I do…
  1. Some like it HOTT. Coachella is a great way to give your summer tan a head start at the beginning of April. But there is nothing worse than getting sunburnt in early spring and peeling until summers’ end. For the sun-worshipping festival-goers who want to keep complexions dewy fresh, we wear the Pom Pom Farmer’s Hat, $55, lather on the sunscreen and keep our sunnies firmly planted on our face. When the sun goes down, make sure you take those babies off. Wearing sunglasses at night is not a good look on anyone, ever. Especially when you’re trying to find your way to the nearest porta-potty.
  1. Keep it comfy—our mantra and motto. Pitusa babes love to dance until the wee hours of the morning. You can usually find us running from stage to stage catching everyone from Lady Gaga to Kendrick Lamar to Toots and the Maytals. After the 14th hour on your feet, flats are a must, and our Pom Pom Sandals, $66 will keep you moving.
  2. Hydration nation and self-breezing techniques (they exist)                             We’re realists. Pack the coconut water. We like  Harmless Harvest. Even though festival beer tastes better than almost anything, coconut water comes a close second and we always pack extra in our Mochila. $98 when the heat really gets to us.Obviously, jean cutoff shorts are a must to make it feel like there are wind machines wherever you go. Spice it up with our Peruvian Top, $79. And bring your bikini. Even though a villa with a pool might be elusive and the closest you’re going to get is a paddling pool, you’ll want to be wearing as little as possible at all times.
  1. Deodorant is your best friend and most discreet confidante. You never know who is going to show up in your pixie glitter dust wake. Or when a hologram of Tupac might perform. Just bring it with you everyday and reapply, reapply, reapply. Whether you’re wearing our Pom Pom Necklace Dress, $150, Mini Pima Abaya, $80 or our Festival Dress , $77, the best thing is easy access – you’ll feel like you’re wearing next to nothing but really be wowing the crowds with your effortless festival chic and smelling good. Pack Tictacs too. Trust us now, thank us later.
  2. A picture paints a thousand words (no witty caption necessary). Even though Coachella sometimes gets a bad rap amongst the “They Only Did It For The Insta Post” set, there is nothing better than snapping some pics with your BFFs. For something a little different, use the original filter-friendly device: a Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera .- and so easy to whip out of your mochila. No posting necessary. If you dodecide to post, though (we get it), don’t forget to tag us! #pitusalove #pitusa


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