Five Easy Tips For Setting 2018 Intentions

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One of our absolute favorite things to do each year is to make a lengthy list of resolutions and then promptly completely forget about them as soon as January 2 rolls around. Something about making resolutions feels finite, so absolute and like if we don’t finish them we’ll be total failures. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them, and have fun doing it too.

2018 is going to be a big year – 2017 was a doozy and although some of us may feel like we just barely survived with all the insanity and unrest happening in the world, we have to admit that the world is also just being the world – same as it ever was. If we can resolve in 2018 to be better humans in whichever way is possible, whatever feels right for us and whatever we are able to do, then we will be winning. Not one of us can do everything, because we need to fill our own well first. Self care was one of the most googled phrases of 2017.

But let’s bring some ritual into it, let’s bring some fun. Instead of calling them resolutions – which, like we covered above feels so totally nail in coffin like, let’s be real, why don,t we reframe the concept, so it feels more gentle. Let’s call these babies intentions. You know the type. The ones that you see splashed all over every Instagram and horoscope (especially around the full moon and the new moon).

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
  1. Dream Big – you can dream up anything you want, the only person holding you back is you 
  2. Be Creative – get out the pens, take yourself on a creative journey, make collages and vision boards – make them beautiful. It’s your year, and you can create the vision you want. 
  3. Ritual: light candles when you’re doing it, get some palo santo and cleanse your space, meditate on what you want for yourself 
  4. Make It Fun: if you want to, do it with a friend or spouse. Inspire each other to dream and support each other in your goals 
  5. Take Stock: write a list of everything you accomplished in 2017 – big and small – and thank yourself for continuing to show up. Looking forward is important but it’s also good to remind yourself of how hard you worked the previous year. 

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