5 Shows To Binge Over President’s Day

It’s a long weekend in February and for many of us (if we’re lucky), that means getting cozy in a cabin and staying toasty. For the rest of us, it’s a citywide duvet dive– February may be the year’s shortest month, but if you live in a cold climate it seems to go on forever. By President’s Day, Winter has been with much of the northern hemisphere for what feels like a decade, and this year the groundhog made the dreaded prediction of six more bleak weeks of winter. Although we thank our lucky stars to be based in Miami, we have roots in London – so we know firsthand how long winters can be, and we empathize with all our Pitusa fam who don’t get year-round beach weather (forgive us).

Pitusa’s Desert Mini

It’s a perfect time to slip into our Pitusa Trackie Pant and Trackie Sweater to catch up on all the amazing TV that we never have enough time to watch, make multiple cups of tea and eat copious amounts of banana bread or chocolate chip cookies. You deserve it. It’s February. If these shows don’t knock your socks off (or you rip through them all, in which case kudos to you!), it’s also one of the last weekends we have before the Oscars on March 4th, making it a perfect time to screen all the nominated films so you can win the guessing game at your friends’ Oscars party!


The Olympics

Whether it’s the alpine skiing that gets you going, the elegant artistry of figure skating or the dark-horse called curling, the winter Olympics are a special event that holds real magic. This time around it’s in Pyeong Chang and definitely worth catching – watching the mind-blowing feats of athleticism and superhuman dedication is, in these dark, short days, one of the lighter things on TV that everyone one can get behind!



This is a sleeper hit starring two powerhouse women–played by Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby – who work on an over-the-top reality show called “Everlasting”. It’s a fictional series based on the real-life experiences of a former producer of “The Bachelor “, and the backstage bird’s eye view of a sexist, silly reality show is riveting. The competition of a dozen women to win the affections of one man is bizarre, sad, and often unintentionally hilarious.  Each player has a producer who is in battle with the other producers to get their girl to the final round with as much drama as possible (you get a C-note bonus for each time your contestant cries). Season 3 is coming up, so go on and binge on the first two. A guilty pleasure for sure.


Everything Sucks

This just came out on Netflix and is an ode to the 90s – which will hit home with all the millennials who came of age around this time – 1996 specifically. With a banging soundtrack from 90’s icons such as Tori Amos and Oasis, it’ll kick up mega-potent nostalgia in anyone with a tape deck in the 90s. Warning: you might find yourself going through boxes in search of your brilliant mixed tape cassettes before your remember your tape player went out with the 20th Century.


This American Life

This is a documentary series, hosted by Ira Glass, which puts video to the NPR podcast, This American Life. They delve deep into myriad subjects. It’s smart and quirky, with enough episodes to offer something personally fascinating to everyone – you’ll always learn something new.


Peaky Blinders

Set in Birmingham, this Netflix show (originally on BBC Two) is about a World War I veteran who returns from the war to become the head of a gang (based on a real-life gang from the 1920s).  It’s a cinch – since his family business is an illegal gambling ring. This is for anyone who loves an excellent period piece with a hard edge. Tom Harding, as always, kicks the pants off a great role.


Pitusa's Mini Pima Abaya
Pitusa’s Mini Pima Abaya

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