10 years of Pitusa

10 years ago today I registered my business on legal zoom and hosted a launch party in downtown Miami. From a business that was just me, myself and I from my apartment for so many years to the robust business that it is today with 2 warehouses in Miami and Peru and over 20 employees worldwide sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate the immense journey that the last 10 years have been. I have so much to thank Pitusa for, the incredible people I have met, the experiences I have experienced and the lessons that Pitusa has taught me and never ceases to teach me. I am most grateful for the incredible team I now have and all the amazing people I have worked with along the way. I had hoped for a massive party to celebrate this year but like many things this year that was not possible. This year has had many hardships as it has for so many but Pitusa pulled through thanks to our Pitusa customers. We are eternally grateful to all those who have supported us these past 10 years❤️

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