Art Basel X Raul Santos

What a weekend! We are just getting over the excitement Art Basel brings to Miami. Every year, the Arts and Design Districts of Miami streets fill up with artists showing off new work, pop-up shops, new fashion lines and lots of branded events. This year was the first year Pitusa’s Flagship store was opened to the streets and it was a busy one to say the least! 


This year, we collaborated with artist, Raul Santos. Raul is a Miami native and started really diving into his passion through graffiti. When he was just twenty years one old, Santos spent his last $100 on a live painting art gig and ended up selling all the work he made! Now his art is sold from Miami to South America.  His artwork is bright, playful, and unmatched. Using mostly wood, acrylics and spray paints, Raul creates vibrant contrasts and psychedelic pieces.

“I approach most pieces with no plans or reservations. I usually commit to a colorer shape and let the piece develop as I go,” says Raul.

We featured a a few installations on our walls for the week of Art Basel and his work couldn’t have matched perfectly with our products and interior decor!

“A lot of my inspiration comes from day to day interactions. That’s why I think this collaboration was so special. I did not have to alter my work in any way. The two styles just naturally flowed with each other.”


You can still see bits of this collaboration in our store today! We have a t-shirt for purchase with Raul’s design that can be paired with jeans, a cute black leather skirt or even with sweatpants around the house. It’s Raul’s design, you style it.

You will also find these cute little coasters with Raul’s trademark design on them. Perfect for a holiday stocking stuffer or a gift for that aunt who drinks too much wine.

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