A little sneak peek, behind the scenes action! Croatia style!
Pitusa would like to present you with our Resort ’17 Collection Launch!
We’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time now! We hope you’re just as excited as we all have been! Our new Resort ’17 collection is launching soon and we’re taking you all through international waters, to give you a little behind the scenes amazing location and new styles are to come, but you'll have to wait!
Our Pitusa mama, Clara, flew across the Atlantic to capture the beauty of Croatia in the Pitusa brand! Visiting Old City, Dubrovnik was a fabulous experience and shooting right off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea was breathtaking!
Do you see that view?! Oh my god! Unforgettable to say the least! Shooting just outside the Grand Villa Argentina Hotel that overlooks the Adriatic Sea, this luxury hotel is an early 20th century mansion!  We took advantage of this location and spiced up our editorials a bit with this backdrop.
Our Serbian beauty Kristina Kika Jovanovic is rocking our new collection effortlessly! She’s a natural in Pitusa!
All of our Resort ’17 styles are coming in a variety of colors so don’t worry there will be tons of options for every Pitusa girl!