Gala Serré is a babe who packs light for holiday, as in 36 bikini’s light. Born and raised in Amsterdam this beauty has spent plenty of time grazing the beaches of Aruba, her mothers home, and believe us she’s got the bikini game to prove it. Most days you can find her working on her blog, or island hopping – think Curacao to Bonaire - as she’s a true believer in choosing sun soaked holidays over city trips (and we obviously couldn’t agree more!!) We linked up with her to get the 411 on her must-have swimsuits for the season and of course to find out which Pitusa styles she’ll be squeezing into that suitcase….

Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Gala Serré and I am original from Amsterdam (born & raised). My mother is from Aruba so that’s where my Caribbean roots are from :)

I spend most of my time at my office where I share a co-working space with other female entrepreneurs. It has such an inspiring and motivating atmosphere.

What else do you do to find inspiration?

To get inspired I like to travel to beautiful, sunny beaches to set my mind free and get all new and great ideas. I also like to read books and articles of empowering people.

How did you begin your blogging career?

I began blogging because I love writing and I love bikinis! So it was really obvious for me to start a swimwear blog. I can literally write about bikinis every day!

Who are your favorite swimwear designers this season?

My favorite swim wear designers are Acacia, Melissa Odabash and Odademar because they have unique designs and flattering fits. And the quality of the bikinis is really good.

What's the most important part of your beauty regimen? 

I spend a lot of time on the beach so it’s important not only to protect your body from the sun, but also your lips and hair. For my hair I use a self made mixture of olive oil and avocado which makes my hair so soft and it really stays healthy throughout my holiday. I haven’t found the perfect protection for my hair yet, so if you know one let me know ;)

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have ever traveled?

The most beautiful place I have ever visited is … that’s a hard one! But I have to say The British Virgin Islands. So many beautiful beaches and a relaxed vibe. The whitest sand I’ve ever seen!

Do you have a #1 bucket list destination?

I would love to go to Ilha Grande, Brazil. I’ve never been to Brazil and it’s high on my bucket list. Visiting Ilha Grande would be a perfect combination of my favorite things: beautiful beaches, good food and nice people. And it’s just a boat ride away from vibrant Rio de Janeiro.  

If you could only take one thing with you to a deserted island, what would it be? (Besides a bikini of course!)

A Hammock, definitely. A hammock is an essential because apart from the fact that you can enjoy beautiful views in it, it also can protect you from the sun.

What are the items you can't ever leave for the beach without?

In my beach bag you will find sun screen, sunglasses, bottle of water, camera a good book and I always bring an extra bikini with me.

Now for our favorite part! What is your favorite Pitusa style?

My favorite Pitusa piece is the Aegean dress I’m wearing in the pictures here because it makes me feel so comfortable wearing them and at the same it looks very stylish with the halterneck. But I’m also a big fan of the Moroccan kaftan!  I like to style My Pitusa with a cheeky bikini, a big straw hat and pom pom sandals for a boho vibe.

 Being such a beach babe and all, tell us what its like living in the Netherlands!

I love my city Amsterdam! Unfortunately there aren’t any beaches around here but what I love about living here is the diversity, cultural history and the laidback vibe. During Summer it’s hands down the best city you could live in. And if you’re in need of a break it’s only a one-hour flight to cities like London, Paris and Berlin.

When I am not working on the blog, you can find me working on a bikini styling job or hanging out with my friends on one of the sunny terraces of Amsterdam. In the evening I either like to cook a home cooked meal and watch a good series or I have an event to attend for my blog which always ends up with too much drinks and making new blogger friends!! :) 

We certainly envy a day in the life of Gala!!

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