Here at Pitusa we love to see how our friends and customers put their own personal spin on our designs… So to start off our Pitusa Style Files 2016 we met up with one of our darling Miami girls, Gabi Torres, (and her kitties) at her beautiful SoBe home to hang for a few hours and get the scoop on how she styles her fave Pitusa pieces in the New Year! Gabi is a yoga instructor, art therapist and interior decorator – making Pitusa the perfect go-to for her everyday Bohemian Lifestyle.
GABI 101
I am originally from Miami but my mom is from Panama and my dad is from Puerto Rico, total mutt!! Also some European background – French, German and Lebanese. 
 On a rainy day in Miami you can most likely find me at home ;) and when the sun is shining my rooftop or on the sand!!! 
To get inspired i like to listen to music and work on my vision book.
I love to listen to Lost by Tender Games when I’m getting ready to go out.
I can never leave the house without my sunnies!
My best beauty tip is coconut oil.629L1250
My favorite book is The Birthday Book.
If I could come back as anything or anyone in my next lifetime it would be a tiger because they are so majestic.
My #1 Bucket list destination is Yosemite State Park. 
My favorite Pitusa piece is my Abaya because it makes me feel cozy!
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The characteristics I find most attractive in a friend are caring, uniqueness and authenticity. 
People would say that I am extroverted and creative. 
One thing I would take with me to a deserted island is my boyfriend.
Overall we couldn’t have chosen a better Pitusa girl to feature as we enter into the New Year! Her positive vibes and impeccable eclectic style go hand in hand with our designs.  If you live in Miami make sure to check out one of her yoga classes at the Green Monkey – we are POSITIVE you won’t regret it!
– Namaste –