Our featured Pitusa girl for April is seemingly much like the spaces she designs - timeless, unique and not one to follow trends.  An interior designer now based in Coral Gables, she has lived all over the world but most recently can be found exploring the wonders of Palm Beach vintage furniture shops or enjoying an aqua pilates class at The Biltmore. She invited us to spend a few hours in her beautiful home, getting to know a bit more about her bubbly personality and the inspiration that drives her to create such special surroundings for her clients.  Our afternoon was almost as lovely as she is.
Pitusa Girl of The Month
The Pitusa Girl of The Month (Elizabeth) looking fabulous in our Aegean.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself….
I’m an interior designer based in Coral Gables, FL.
2. How does your design process begin? Where do you find your inspiration for creating spaces?
I love taking inspiration from 20th Century greats such as Madeleine Castaing, Marella Agnelli, Billy Baldwin, and reinterpreting for today’s world. I love giving my clients the story behind a design concept or piece of furniture and how it relates to them. Often, when you understand the philosophy behind something you see it with new eyes. For instance, a wheat sheaf table is far more than what it seems, it symbolizes success and prosperity (who wouldn’t want that in their home), and Coco Chanel loved them!
3. What would you say is your design aesthetic?
A playful mix of traditional and contemporary furniture that brings joy to each client, is timeless, and not trendy in any way.
4. What are your favorite types of projects to work on?
Projects where the client has a very strong personal identity and a good vision of what they want to achieve.
5. Where else besides Miami have you called home? How do they compare?
Scotland, London, New York, Virginia… Scotland was my favorite until I came to Miami! They are quite different of course, but each has it’s own beauty.
6. Are there any stores in particular here in Miami that you frequent when designing?
I prefer shopping for furniture in West Palm Beach – I’ve never seen such fabulous vintage shops, it’s quite literally furniture paradise and I get very excited every time I visit. I get a real high from any purchases I make there!
7. What do you think makes a “happy home”?
A home that functions well for my clients’ lifestyle and reflects their personality and interests.
8. Do you have any “rules” when it comes to design?
None, rules are made to be broken! But I do try not to use any piece twice, no matter how fantastic, I want each client to have their own unique pieces and look.
9. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job as a designer?
Seeing everything come together at the end of a project and having a happy client! 
10. Where is your favorite travel destination? 
I travelled quite a bit in my 20s, but now all I want to do in any spare time is sit on a beach and do nothing. I love Harbor Island in the Bahamas, I like that it’s rather rinky-dink and away from anything too cool.
11. What do you like to do in your down time?
Beach picnics with my husband and three year old daughter, Valentina
12. Where is your favorite place to wear Pitusa? Do you have a favorite piece?
My Aqua Pilates class at the Biltmore.
13. If you were deserted on an island and only could have one thing with you what would it be?
A Pitusa abaya and my favorite book “Love in the Time of Cholera” (I’ve already read it four times and its due for a re-read). I haven’t had time to read in ages!
14. Tell us something about yourself that no one knows 
I’m great at designing for clients, but far too impulsive when it comes to our own home! Right now I have a pillow overload (as I’ve fallen in love with too many fabrics), I know it’s too much and there’s hardly anywhere to sit, but I can’t seem to let any go!
Go checkout Elizabeth's website: http://www.elizabethghia.com/